Can I share my internet connection???

JohnAtansov - Jun 16, 2011 at 01:58 PM
 dianne - Jun 17, 2011 at 09:14 AM

I wonder if I can share my internet connection trough my router. I have
the following setup:

one PC with wireless adapter that has internet connection trough it and a
free wired adapter that is not used right now.

Linksys WRT542 V1 router

second PC with wireless adapter that needs the internet connection from PC1

Can I use my router to share the internet connection of PC1 trough Wi-Fi.?

My both configurations are old and I'm using whatever I have. The last
thing I would want is to give money for anithing.

I need this because the PC2 is too far from the router I'm getting the signal
to power internet on PC1.

Is there any easy way to do the sharing or I need to find myself more powerfull
antennas for PC2?

Thanks in advance :)


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just tell me what is going on what you want to do and i can see if i can help you okay and i read it but i don't understand what going on and what you want to do so tell and what all going on okay and i will see if i can help you okay