Windows was unable to complete the format

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One of my hard disk partition is unable to be formatted by Windows and when I try to open it, Windows ask me to format it.

It is now empty of programs and has a free space 37.5 GB and any program of checking hard disk can recognise it and asks me to plug it in just like it doesn't exist. How to fix this problem?

System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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  • Just Right Click My Computer and choose Manage
  • Then at Computer Management choose Disk Management
  • At Disk 2, right click at your Protect Removable Disk ex: "Removable Disk (F:)"
  • Choose Change Drive Letter and Paths for .....
  • Simply Click REMOVE, then Click ADD
  • Try to format yours then try to copy another files

Hope, it fixes the issue!
It's really not working method....
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If this post does not assist you with your issue, please start your own thread so that we can identify your specific problem~!

Just delete the volume and create a new one! If you cannot delete it, try with admin privileges!