Computer turns on, monitor says "no signal"

kingofthegrill - May 4, 2008 at 01:18 PM
 Ravi - Mar 10, 2013 at 08:12 AM
I have been using this computer for around 4 years now. I recently had problems of it randomly turning off at any time, I could be working on a document, or the computer can be just sitting there, and it would turn off randomly.

I fixed that problem by backing up all my files on an external hard drive and simply reformatting. I was using a Wireless B PCI adapter for internet before reformat. Because of the reformat, it got uninstalled. So I took it out and installed it on another computer (which is liek two years older) because the modem is right beside this computer so I decided to run ethernet.

On the older computer, after installing the PCI card, the computer would turn off and go to a blue screen saying there is a hardware issue and stuff. So I would boot to last known good configuration and the card wouldnt be installed, so obviously there is the problem.

I took the PCI card out of that one and put it into the 4 year old computer to see if I would have the same problem, I didnt. Everything worked fine. I switched locations of the computers so one can use ethernet and one can use the wireless. After switching locations, the 4 year old computer did not work. It would turn on, fans are spinning, no beeps or anything, but nothing would display on the screen. I tried sticking in the xp disc so I can boot from that. I tried removing the hard drive. Nothing helped. No BIOS, no video. Then I decided to take out the wireless B PCI card, then the computer booted!!!!

No files lost or anything. The reason I wanted to fix this computer so badly and not jsut get a new one is cuz I just bought a geforce 8600 so I can hook it up to my projector with good quality. After installing the graphics card, I have the same problem. The computer starts, the fans are spinning, everything, but the computer wont load. No BIOS or anything.

I took out the Graphics Card, hoping it would boot like last time, but it didnt work this time.

Yesterday, I took out the battery for 30 seconds hoping to reset the BIOS and I replaced the RAM. Now I turn it on and the screen goes crazy. Lines going everywhere and stuff!!!

Yes one more thing, with this computer, when I turn it on, the fan goes hyperspeed for 5 seconds then calms down, its always done it, for the last 4 years! Now when I turn it on, both fans work, and the one that goes hyperspeed keeps going at hyperspeed.

O and yes I have tried multiple monitors. The one I am using right now works, but when plugged in to the other computer, it does that crazy screen thing.

The 4 yr old computer has integrated graphics, this is why I want to install a graphics card.

I have a gateway 420GR.
K I don't think I am forgetting anything. Please HELP!!!

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May 5, 2008 at 10:39 PM
I removed the battery and took out the jumper, moved it from slot 1+2 to 2+3 and back to 1+2. Put the battery back in, and the it Booted. Problem solved, thanks!
we got same problem. The monitor of my computer shows nothing at all but a black screen and I can see that my display monitor is not malfunctioning. I had laid my hands and done something to the BIOS of my computer before this happen. I did tried what I am knowledgeable to do after turning it on and shown nothing. I somehow removed the RAM and put it back. I also tried removing videocard and put it back after all but it never work after. What solves my prolem was when iI went to a computer technician and ask him to fix it. You must sent it to him. They know best what to do.
my computer dose the same thing I would turn it on and it would say no signal check signal cable but the signal cable is fine I dont know what to do
Check your PCI or PCI-e or any plugged slots. I removed my Dial-up/fax PCI card and it fix the issue. I replaced the broke on with a new one and all is good now.
i have shqken my computer and all in the sudden it worked
Eh , yeah people I am a total noob at computer and stuff but .
i was playing a game (rollercoaster tycoonXD) and I needed to start my computer up again cause it didn't workwell, so I did that and then suddenly the screen said:
No signal
Can someone tell me how to solve it in words I can understand?
i've tried many things, turned of the powerbutton waited for 39 seconds turnd it on, but still the same message.
i have tried to look if the cabel was alright, and it was how do I solve this?
i'm reallt getting sick of it!
Try taking out the RAM and putting it back in.

Worked for me.
Same worked for me. Take out the RAM, check if there is any dirt in the ports, don't touch the gold part on the RAM stick, put it back in securely.
Same here I keep getting -No Signal- all the time. I reseted it but it doesnet work at all plz help
Thnks for the post. Same suggestion worked for me. Removed the RAM, cleaned It and kept It back in the same place.