Computer boot but no signal on monitor [Solved/Closed]

 SwapnilSharma -
I have a problem with my desktop pc.
As I turn the pc on, the lights are blinking,fans running, but monitor shows no signal.
But I can hear the windows welcome sound from the speaker.
I tried to change to different monitor, unplug and plug back the vga, hold down power button.
But it still showing no signal on the monitor.
Please tell me what to do.
Thanks in advance

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Try this :
  • Try resetting your BIOS settings.
  • Turn off your PC and remove the power chord --> Open the cabinet --> Remove the CMOS battery for 15-30 minutes and then put it back properly. Now plug the power cord back in and switch ON your PC.

If the problem still exist, click on the below link and follow the instructions in "Reset".

Good Luck
Thank you

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thanks ^_^ very useful! :))
Thanks buddy (jack4rall) it works, I have tried everything, swaping RAM, CPU FAN, but finally it was really, nothing to do.

Thanks a lot.
Thanks Jack4rall!! Wish I had found this before buying the new 24" monitor.....but the new monitor is great!!! Fixed me! R
thanks I got it :)
Works awesome!