500gb sata hard disk is not detecting

prabhu - Feb 6, 2009 at 09:43 AM
 o kdhdgjf wo - Dec 1, 2014 at 07:46 PM

my 500gb sata hard disk is not detecting suddenly in my pc .....
it s nt shown n bios setup.........

can anybody help me in this

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hey I currently have same problem like you guy... after monthly headache I have find solution and work out for my hd... firstly my hard disk are WD 500gb model WD5000AACS... in 5to7 month my hardisk have symptom cannot detected after im start my computer ...sometime in use my computer hank or should I say freeze and after restart my hard disk WD500gb cannot detected.... when I tough to send my hard disk to shop(warranty) I try use back and detected but after in 5 - 10 minute it cannot detected I need my hard disk cool down before try again.... then I try my other hard disk hitaichi 80gb and have same symptom like my wd hard disk with difference that I got warning delayed write well whatever it means from window then I try to searching solution for this problem and I found the solution and apply this solution to my hitaichi and also to WD hard disk ... and what.... I can use back my hard disk Hitaichi and WD with out problem.... ohhhh god...the horror to lose 300gb worth of data..... go here for solution https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/330174

first for all this solution workout for me....i dont know if workout for you guy... it just work like charm...tips
i can give to you that if your hard disk cannot detected make sure your hard disk dont make any funny sound ...well use your hand to know... secondly make sure your hard disk cool down...better dont use for 2-3 hour before attempting to try again your hard disk can detected or not.. if your hard disk can detected apply the solution on to your hard disk.. better for all your hard disk...

thridly....im not english...if you dont understand what I try to say well ....