Can't see the folders in external hard drive [Solved/Closed]

 satse -
I have so many movies, files, folders & musics in my external hard disk . Due to some virus or something I don't know when I opened the external hard disk I can't see some folders inside it, but if I wrote at the top at the search bar the folder name or the movie name which are in inside the hard disk I can find the folder . I have tried hidden folder option but no effect... So please if you can tell me what is the problem .
pls help me....

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Try this 1

Follow all the steps as given below.

Check whether the files are not in hidden mode. Follow the following steps.

Step 1:

Click on the below link and download the file "AutorunExterminator"

[Note : Make sure Dot Net Framework is installed in your PC to install the

"AutorunExterminator" OR

Click on the below link and download the Dot Net Framework]

Extract it --> Double-click on "AutorunExterminator" --> Plug your external hard

drive now.

This will remove the autorun.inf files from your external hard drive and also from


Step 2:

Click on "Start" --> In search bar, type cmd. Right-click on the command prompt

that appears in the search and select "Run as administrator".

"Command Prompt" will be opened.

Here I assume your flash drive as G:

Enter this command.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

You can copy the above command --> Right-click in the Command Prompt and

paste it.

Note : Replace the letter g with your external hard drive letter.

Now check for your files in External Hard Drive.

Step 3:

After that, download the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from the below link

Update it --> Perform "Full Scan"

Note : Default selected option is "Quick Scan".

Good Luck.
Thank you

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Thank you so much!!! I have a question jack, I did recover my files but when I am searching for a file, no results where found... How can I search for a file again? I have a million files and its hard for me to locate a single file every time I need it... Thank you...
thaank u so much man,,, the 2nd step helped me,,,, u have great solutions!!!
tyvm you are a good guy! more power to you.

Thanks for your explanation. Works great :-)
thanx a lot step 2 solved my problem......cheers buddy.....
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Each time I type the command, it keeps telling me ''-h'' is wrong...... Pleassssse I need help.
thanks a lot! I found again my files...
Thanks for the explaination. Works great :-)

thanks jack... it really works!!! I thought I may not be able to recover/see my files again... you're a life saver.... thanks much
thnx bro seccond one esiest and fastest one
Guys dont care about acces denided error try to open u r hdd it works !!
Hi Jack

Thank you I got as far as getting the files back ( you are a superstar ) but they are all "found" folders with .chk files within them .

I tried the Unchk.exe but it hasn't worked ... still have the .chk files

Any help on this would be great x
Epic! fully worked, saved my arse cheers
Thanks a lot man !!
this comand wrked thx alott
Thanks a lot bhaai..
Second option resolved my issue. :)
You the man. Love you!
thanku man!! :))))
thx so much "jack4rall"
the attrib command worked for me!

Even without admin rights!

PROPS to jack4rall
thanks a lot boss its working now.
thanks a lot man, your so great..!!!!!
It worked thanx alot
Best man worked like a bomd thanks a lot
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I also faced same type of problem .So don't worry about your data from external hard drive. When I connected my external drive to computer some of folders were not accessible. Then I found "Remo recover toolkit". I was lucky to recover my entire data from external hard drive.
Thanks a solves my problem

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