My cd/dvd drive is missing

Zar Zar - Feb 10, 2009 at 01:51 PM
 Nacho - Aug 7, 2010 at 09:09 AM

I recently uninstalled I tunes from my PC laptop (IBM ThinkPad on windows XP). After I uninstalled I tunes I defragged and cleaned out my computer. Now I have no cd/dvd drive under- my computer nor can I play a cd or dvd. I have tried going to my control panel, the system, then hardware, then device manager. on DVD/CD-ROM there was the icon that looks like a cd drive. There's a yellow question mark it means the driver is missing. right click and click update driver and follow the instructions, and enable internet search..... This didnâ€(TM)t work for me. It said that the wizard could not find a better match for my hardware then the software I currently installed. ?? Iâ€(TM)m not that computer savey. I just got laid off so Iâ€(TM)m trying to figure this out without a visit to the repair, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I had searched solutions from internet, most of them are only free to diagnose the problems but not to cure it without paying. Finally I got to microsoft website for troubleshooting. It solved my problem. Here is the link:
Perfect...fixed both my problems (Error Code 39) in no time...thanks!!!!!!!
my cd/dvd drive is missing after I deleted nero
I want to thank Adrian for supplying the link to the Microsoft Support Fix It web page for XP!

My system is a Dell Dimension desktop, running XP SP3. I have a BenQ DL DVD burner that had a "driver corrupt (Code 39)" error in Device Manager. The MS Fix It site ran an automated scanner and corrected the problem with ONE CLICK, just like they say they will! You have to use IE as Firefox isn't supported. I didn't try any other browser.

I searched for a solution for literally days, including hack sites like DriverDetective and other mal-ware installers before finding this solution.

Adrian, thanks again! You're tops in my book!

PJ in (sunny now!) FL
ok the Microsoft support fix it thing is amazing I didn't have to do anything and it even fixed problems from long ago it was great recommend to everyone
Click this link, Tyler is right, run the program from Microsoft and it will find the missing drive and correct it.

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Hi, You might need to reinstall the drive. In device manager, right click on the DVD drive and click delete. Then in Control Panel go to Add Hardware. Windows should find and reinstall the drive for you.
I just attempted deleting and re-installing the drive, unfortunantly the drive widows pulled up still has the yellow question mark next to it and is not under my computer.
Me too! Although I had a little colour problem its that I have a red question mark in the my computer and there is no dvd ram drive in the device manager my dvd drive is not opening closing an even the lights are off (the small flicker light) please help me before the repair man gives up
My notebook could not find the DVD/CD drive.

I fixed it myself, and here is how:

1. I noticed that when I pressed the open button on the dvd drive tray with the power on, it would not open.

2. If the tray does not open, it means the drive is NOT getting any power.

3. I removed the power and battery and unscrewed the mounting screw on the back that holds
the drive in the laptop.

4. I pulled out the drive and saw that the bracket on the end of the drive was bent! This meant that the
drive wasn't seated reliably in the power socket.

5. I straightened the bracket and reinstalled the drive.

6. It now works perfectly.

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re-install it and re-format it
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HI I had the same problem with my ibm laptop. I downloaded updated drivers. then I did a system restore wizard to a time when I remember seeing the disc drive there and voile - the cd roms and dvds drive appeared. Last time I removed the upper filters my complete computer crash and couldn't start until I reintalled winxp. Do this at last resort!! I lost all my c drive data as a result.