Help help help its urgent ... Lost an important hidden folder

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I installed Tuneup utilities software yesterday, it asked me to Optimize my system . But today as i checked for my hidden folder in windows Drive (c) ,it had disappeared. Now can u please help me out as to how i can restore that folder as it contained important data including photos,files,videos. I also tried System restore but it didnt work.

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first let me know one did you hide your folder data? because if you know on how to hide by using properties im sure you are also have a knowlege on how to rehide it.anyway try this... first do recall on where did you hide your folder.either in desktop so stay on desktop then do open any folder, then click tools,under tools you will see the folder option,click the folder option,folder option will be appear,then click view,then mark the "show hidden files and folders uncheck the 2 box under the "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" some dialog box will appear again just click ok..... now all files that was hided will appear ...

i hope it will help to you