Toshiba wont start up

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Hello. My Toshiba satellite (windows 7) was on and I was trying to get to a website on Firefox but then everything pretty much froze I went to the start menu and got it to turn off. I ended up leaving it off all nite. The next morning it started up asking if I wanted to start windows normally or in recovery mode. I tried both and many of the advanced option including trying to restore to a previously saved recovery point. after 4 tries and an unknown error I am now getting a black screen with just my mouse which I can move but that's all I can do. I've been doing this for 24 hrs now and stuck on the black screen for about 30 mins. Also just before the black screen it started over like I just turned the computer on or something. Ideas? Its a year old. at 2 months old the keyboard quit working and I use a wireless keyboard. Occasionally it will beep like the original keyboard has a key stuck. It did happen a day before all this and forever. Continuous beeping anytime the computer was on and the occasional ghost moving the mouse around- in case that helps,thanks in advance

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Feb 14, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Hi marlonofeet,

The symptoms indicate two possible points of failure, first the keyboard and second the graphics chip. We can try a few troubleshooting steps and see if this changes the situation:

1. As this is a laptop this might be a difficult step however, reseating the keyboard connector might fix the keyboard issue.
2. Also when the keyboard is out of machine, flip the keyboard and tap so that anything stuck in the gap between the keyboard keys be removed.

Note: The steps above require you to reseat the components by removing the system cover/taking apart the chassis. Please perform these steps only if you are comfortable else seek a technician's help. Also, refer to the Service Manual for accurate steps and safety instructions.

3. If the problem with the keyboard beep remains, try using an external keyboard.
4. Try to enter Safe Mode (Restart the computer, when at initial startup screen start tapping the F8 key. When the Advance Boot Options appears select Safe Mode. The computer will boot with a low resolution screen. Check the keyboard here.)
5. While still in this mode try to update the Video Drivers.

If any of the above steps does not resolve the issue, please reply with the exact System Model Number of your Toshiba Satellite Laptop.

Please do write back to us.