Diskette Drive 0 seek failure Windows Vista

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My Windows Vista computer on startup says diskette drive 0 seek failure. I have disabled the floppy seek on the main page and have enabled the hard drive as the primary booting device. PLEASE HELP. LOTS OF IMPORTANT PICTURES ON HARD DRIVE.

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Try this 1

Once again check the CMOS settings. Go to CMOS settings disable the floppy

drive by setting it to "None" and set the first boot device as "Hard drive" -->

Save the settings and exist it

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disable the FDC also.
It works. But one has to click the standard CMOS setting. Then go down to the drive A, click on it, and then select none on the pop-up screen, Then save and get out with F10.
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This works thanks to all im so happy
Thanks loh

Started right up
thanks cmos features is place to go in bios
I had similar problem.
Fixed it by replacing the cmos battery.

Check the date in the BIOS, if it is several years out of date the battery is dead and the defaults will continually reset casing the error message.