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I have a external hard disk of 1TB, from few I am not able view the content, when I check in the properties of hard disk it shows 100 GB of filled and 900 GB is empty. earlier I tried all kind of option to view but still I am not able to view, what is the problem, the content in my hard disc is very important and I don't want to lose anything. Please help me

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  • Make sure that the files are not in hidden mode.
  • Click on Start --> In search box, type control folders and press Enter.
  • [If you are using Windows XP then type control folders in Run and press Enter]
  • "Folder Options" will be opened. Click on the "View" tab.
  • Now select the option "Show hidden files, folders or drives" and uncheck the check box "Hide protected operating system files" --> Click on "OK" button.
  • Now look for your files in your external drive.
  • Later undo the changes you have made by once again going to "Folder Options" --> Click on "View" tab and click on "Restore Defaults" button --> Click on "OK".

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OMG you just saved my life. thanks a bunch. it worked!!
Thank You VERY MUCH :D
Thank you.... you are a legend
Was having a miserable weekend all my files missing from computer - got new storage backup device and must have grabbed files and hidden them. The above allowed me to see them.
Doubt my company IT would have figured this out thanks so much.