How do i install win XP on my toshiba satelit c50D-A

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Hello, how do I install win XP on my toshiba satelit C50D-A I have an Original CD fom XP but also an old lab top running XP where I can get drivers from......... I don't care if it ran slower when it ran..............Help an old guy, me Dietrich


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Oct 27, 2013 at 06:30 AM

Restart your laptop holding down the 0 key and should give you access to the recovery partition to restore to factory settings

Good luck
Anonymous User
Oct 28, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Greetings Dietrich,

After 62 years, I understand why you can't say no ! Did I read correctly 62 ?

First, 64 to 32 is a huge unsurmontable problem. Second, unless you have purchased XP with multiple licences, if you can do only one installation. A single licence XP cannot be installed on a second computer. Third, I have never heard having two different operating systems, 64 being one. I don't think that they ever made XP 64 bit.

However I do understand your wife's desire for if I ever got a new machine and that my wife could not longer play her favorite games, I would be forsaken, even after 63 years.

I assume you now have Windows 7 ? What happened to the old machine with the games on it ?

I don't think that creating a new partition would work, and I don't know if an external hard disk would work.

Why on earth have you changed ? Never mind, I don't really want to know the answer may get me to cry.

Are your wife's games on CD's ?

Best regards

P.S. The 60th must have been quite a party ! I still can't believe it ! And I bet your wife is a doll !
Hallo dear Vlad.Dracula's !
Sorry it took so long but when you get in the eighty's every think takes longer. Yes: I march it will be 63 and the , my wife is a doll, she has 6 mechanical joints 2 new heart valves and an pacemaker!!
We decided to forget the impossible, keep the old clunker with the game on and dump it if I cant fix it.
Thank you for your help and you friendly personnel interest.
Have a good your friendly Dietrich
Thank you Vlad.Dracula's for you advice! I did not explain myself good enough, I want to install Windows XP on that brand new notebook and are aware of a lot of problems I will have to do so. Since I go from 64 bits to 32 bits I heard different opinions but all where for older models then mine and as we know they change every few moth. Why in heaven do I will do that? Simple, my wife want her old (16 years) games in that Toshiba which run now on a 12 year old HP. But then we are only 62 years married an I still cant say no!!
Thank You again, maybe you can help me further. Thank You any way Dietrich

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From this I went hunting in the BIOS. I found -- Advanced -- System Configuration -- Boot Mode. Boot Mode had the options: UEFI Boot (Support to boot any UEFI-capable OS) and CSM Boot (Support to boot non UEFI-capable OS that expects a legacy BIOS interface). The "legacy" bit was the give away. I changed the setting to CSM Boot, saved the setting and now have XP or 7 working perfectly on the Toshiba Satellite c50d-a (thus far).

Problem Solvered.

Thank you.