Blue screen appears and system restarts

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During normal operationy dumping blue screen appears for a sec with something written like " physical memory dumping"
and then system restarts.I am already using Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0. What could be the possible reason?

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Look for my response to other situations like yours in this forum. blue screen is a fake blue screen of death. press f8 to go back into windows. malicious software is only there to do one thing . destroy your computer. Hardware & software work together one can't work without the other. if you keep rebooting your computer your putting your hard under more stress. which in turn weares it out faster. read the blue screen carefully it will same something no other legit bsod will say. I hope this hlps you. and read my other answers on this forum.

This is satish.......I have experienced the same problem with my need to worry it can be solved by

reinstalling a fresh copy of operating system........(use geniune version of windows/ fresh copy from microsoft


Reason: 1) Some files are missing at the time of os installation.

2) System mal function.

3) Irregualr shutdown of PC

It can solved 100% by reinstalling the os....
The problem u guys are having might be boot sector virus. The best way to do this is to:
1) Take off your hard drive. make it your secondary drive or as an external hard drive (you have to buy the hard drive casing to do this).
2) Backup some of the files like your work if you need them.
3) Format the hard drive and make a partition for C:\ about 20Gb max.
4) Put back the hard drive to the computer and reinstall windows from the beginning using the original cd or bootable windows cd.

Good luck trying.
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ok I figured I would leech off of this guys page to add some more info on the problem (my problem) I downloaded two programs recently followed by a couple of little things, programs :drver detective and IZarc, now I assumed I had a virus until I went into safe made after the blue screen came up with the dumping message etc and restarting my laptop and suggesting going into safe mode. I then ran my avg free to scan my whole computer I did it 3 times trying a different combination of identifiers. In the end this did not fix the problem.
can u help me guys everytime I restart my computer and after restarting and asking pass and that we dont have pass and just press enter to open!! and now I want my computer evrytime I restart automatic open without asking pass!!! note somebody asking me in user account but I think I dont have enough option in ther!!!
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I also suggest that you have your graphic card checked.

Good luck