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Friend of mine has a computer with windows XP professional operating system and is trying to get on the internet through his phone line but the error says modem failure. The modem has a yellow explanation mark. What could be wrong and how can we fix this so he can get on the internet? i am using a public computer to ask for help ;-)

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You can also try this:
Go to the device manager and uninstall the modem and reboot the computer, the modem should then be recognized as new hardware and the installation wizard will take you through the process and try to find the appropriate driver/s for it.

If this is a custom build with something like a US Robotics 57k modem you may need a little more information to make it work...

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Sounds like a driver problem. Does he know what modem (brand & type) is installed or if it is not a custom built computer, then what is the computer model. Therefore I could look up the drivers information.

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