Can't play newly transferred videos in usb after inserting to another device [Solved]

 someguy -
so here is how it goes:
I have a 500GB SanDisk USB, when I transfer videos in it, the videos work.
after transferring the videos to our Affordabox (basically, like a cable box or DVD box) the videos in the USB still work.
I reinsert the USB to my computer, test the videos in it, and they still work.
BUT when I transfer new videos in my USB after the above mentioned have already been done, the new videos won't work, they will continue to load indefinitely and when I try to play the newly transferred videos in our Affordabox, it would say that it is an unsupported file.
pls help
the usb gets repaired if I format it but will have the same issue again if I do the above mentioned

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By default, Affordabox can play AVI, MPG, DAT, VOB, MKV video files. For a list of supported file types, visit the Media Types page.

Once installed MiniTool Video Converter (, open the program and follow the prompts to convert the video file to a supported format. And then you can just enjoy your video via a usb on Affordabox
Thank you

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I think your misunderstanding something...
the videos work, the videos are of the right format and they play just fine on the Affordabox,
the problem I'm having is when I add new videos to the usb.
the new videos are of the right format and they work just fine but when I insert in the USB, they won't work anymore.
I also tried to move previous videos in the USB, transferred them to my computer and re-transferred them back to the USB but then they suddenly don't work anymore.