How I fixed the PS3 connection problem

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Hello all... Firstly, I have no idea why the PS3(and apparently, now the PS4's to) is having problems connecting to the internet, out of nowhere! But it happened to me only this morning and after 2 hours of checking my PS3 and router settings, I THINK I have a fix it all, for the connection issues. I have Comcast, for internet and this may work with other routers, it may not but once I saw my PS3 settings wasn't a problem, I started going over my router settings.... It was then, I found it.... Comcast did a firmware update, that apparently changes your Mac Address filter to "all." For me, for whatever reason, my PS3 WOULD NOT connect, until I changed the Mac Address filter to "allow-all." Then it connected, with no problem. My media server is still enabled and everything.... Sooo.... Yeah, on Comcast, you have to log into your router online(they have a tutorial, if you haven't/don't know how) and once there, click on "connection," then stroll down, until you see "Mac Filter Setting" make sure it's on "allow-all," click on "save filter settings" on the bottom of the screen, once the settings apply, log out the router and try to connect your PS3 again and it should connect fine! Again, I don't know about other routers but apparently, either through a PS3 or router update, settings get changed and that's what causes the problem.... At least on my end.... Lucky for me, I'm sorta techy, so it didn't take me days or months, to figure out what was wrong... So no... Speakers don't mess with the wifi signal, nor does having it to close to a radio or surround sound system(which by the way, my PS3 is literally on top of my Sony surround sound system, with wireless speakers), or have to worry about it being to close to the router or anything like that... All you have to do, is check your settings..... After all, no matter how it's setup, as if that was the problem, the system wouldn't have worked from the get go, right? :-) Hope this helps, as it seems ALLOT of people are having this issue....

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Thanks for the info