Dell Inspirion 13.7000 series gets blank screen when turned on [Solved/Closed]


when I turn my laptop on, I get the dell logo, but then it turns to a blank grey screen with just the mouse showing.
I just got this laptop a few weeks ago.
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Try this

1. Remove the battery and cable.

2. Press and hold the power button for 58 seconds.

3. Replug and start.

Good luck

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Thank you. It worked like clockwork. I would have never guessed. Awesome!! Thanks for the help! Nice to see the community help each other out!
Removed the battery, held the start button for a minute, put it back together and voila!
Back in business.

Certainly saved me a service call.
No words.. Walking to 2018.. This still works folks!!!
Thanks a lot for the peace of mind Ambucias..
Have a great year ahead... :)
Thank you so much!! It worked!!
Thank you!!!!! It worked like a charm!