Dell inspiron N5010 blank screen at boot [Solved/Closed]

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I have an issue with my Inspiron N5010 screen, it doesn't turn on at all when switching my laptop on, even when I try several times (maybe 10 ~ 20) switching on/off my laptop the screen never turn on but everything else is working like (Led indicators - Optical drive - the Fan) but I the processor indicator is led for 1 sec and then it turn off and the Power light just remains on.

I've tried the old method of Removing the battery/AC and holding down the power button for 60 secs and turning on the laptop by AC, but this method doesn't work in my case.

Now the only working way to get my screen to turn on, is to do the following:
1- I just turn on the laptop and leave it for 5 mins to warm up. then I switch it off and turn it on again. that's the only way I can get my screen to work.

Please if anyone encountered the problem before and fixed it. please I really appreciate any help you could do to me. because I cant just go in a meeting with my laptop turned on all the way in the bag to make sure that It turns on in front of my clients.

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Anonymous User - Oct 6, 2014 at 02:53 AM
Thank you
Hey buddy all are crap whatever the others are telling you. I had the same problem and only reason is your RAM. check them. one of them is not functioning properly or may be gone thats why it is not giving beeps for RAM failure as there is working one and due to failure one it is not able to start. remove or replace the defective RAM and your lappy will start function properly again and all dell technical supporters are only looking for money in your pocket not for help. Dont trust them. and really had a very bad experience of dell laptops but instead of going to dell service center I like to do it by self by taking part of it.. and no fear when youtube is here.. ENJOY.. :)

Thank you, Anonymous User 28

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God Bless you! I had the same problem and I was wondering through various forums to find any answer. Finally, I red your comment, so I checked the back side where the RAMs are assembled, and one of them were move out. I fixed it and everything now is fine. Thanks again! Thanks also you AMRDYS!
Saved me alot of time and money.
This worked on my Inspiron 5737 when it was showing a black screen after booting up. Please try this first, and THANK YOU to whoever posted this.
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Thank you
Hi Amr,

Thank you for writing to us. After updating the drivers and the troubleshooting done so far it indicates the problem is with some hardware component in the machine. Although, the computer is functional but the video is not functioning as designed so it is a failure in some component. As suggested earlier do isolate the point of failure using the steps mentioned in my first post and get the parts replaced accordingly. If you need any help with Dell Part Numbers, do reply with the Service Tag Number of the system in a direct message (do not post the Service Tag in any open forum).

As for the small parts you have pointed to in your last post, I would like to clarify this computer doesn't have a separate inverter board. Please use the following link to see the disassembly of Display Panel:

I wish the warranty on the computer was active I could have arranged for a part replacement. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Do reply with results.
Zohaib R 2421 Posts Sunday September 23, 2012Registration date July 16, 2018 Last seen - Nov 10, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Thank you

It could be a problem either with the graphics chip on the motherboard or the LCD panel. You can try below mentioned steps and isolate the faulty part:

1. Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop and check if you can get regular video. If you get video on external monitor follow step 2 and 3 else follow step 4.
2. If you get normal video after connecting an external monitor to the Laptop, it indicates there is some problem with the LCD or any of its components. Take a technician's help and reseat the LCD cables once. You can check below mentioned link to see the steps on how to reseat the LCD cable:

3. If after reseating the LCD cables the issue is not fixed it indicates the issue is with the LCD panel or the cable. Replace first the cable if the issue is not fixed replace the entire LCD panel.
4. If you do not get video on an external monitor in step 1, it indicates the graphics chip on the motherboard is not functional and would require you to replace the entire motherboard.

Before you proceed for any replacement please go through the following link to check your computer's warranty status:

If the computer is still in warranty, please send the computer's System Service Tag Number in a direct message. I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request. I am sending you a private message as well. Respond to the message and provide system's Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action(do not post the System Service Tag Number on any open forum).

Please do write back to us.

AMRDYS 3 Posts Saturday November 10, 2012Registration date November 13, 2012 Last seen - Nov 11, 2012 at 05:45 AM
Hi Zohaib,

Thanks a lot for your message and for helping me out solving my problem I really appreciate that.

Unfortunately I've already tried the above points which is to connect an external display but It didn't come up with anything either. but the strange thing is that the performance of my laptop is normal and just like it's new, I'm a graphic & web designer and as I'm working I can use extreme graphics software like adobe after effects and Blender and also I can play most of the latest games without any problems or over heating with my graphics card or mother board because I'm using a cooling pad under my laptop which is expensive too!

when the laptop is on just like right now, it's operating normally with max performance, The blank screen at start up is the only problem I face,

Also the warranty have been expired, so I think I will not be able to order for a maintenance from Dell, is there's any other options I have?

Thanks again for helping me.
Kind regards.
tylerdurden800 > AMRDYS 3 Posts Saturday November 10, 2012Registration date November 13, 2012 Last seen - Oct 19, 2015 at 04:35 AM

I seem to have the same problem. Did you find a solution? If so please share.
sohom 3 Posts Tuesday October 1, 2013Registration date October 2, 2013 Last seen - Oct 1, 2013 at 10:41 AM

i am sohom , facing problem related my dell n5010 display and booting.
problem I found : my laptop not booting and black screen with 8 beep. I searing from web and found that it is related to my display problem.
what I have try: I open my laptop and set my LCD with other lap and it working.

buy new display cable and set it but problem not solving and I assume that it could be related my mother board.

after that I connect my lap with a projector and found that it working fine in safe mode and working good in normal mood if I deactivate graphic driver ATN radon. I uninstall this driver and install older version of the ATN radon driver in express mode and found that it open in safe mode but not in normal mode. when I ttry to open in normal mode it become a blue screen and shout down.

i again connect my lap with LCD and found same problem again.

i am confuse what is the main problem it mother board or cable or driver
please help me
Maddie > sohom 3 Posts Tuesday October 1, 2013Registration date October 2, 2013 Last seen - Jan 21, 2015 at 12:03 AM
8 Beeps means the lcd cord isn't properly plugged in. I've spent two hours working on mine. There are diy youtube videos on how to change the cable, and use that to get your computer open and everything. I was plugging mine in crooked (OOPS).
My CPU showed a black screen with blinking cursor. The cause was a SD card in the CPU and the card drive was second in the boot sequence after HD, before CD drive. Removing card fixed it.
Zohaib R 2421 Posts Sunday September 23, 2012Registration date July 16, 2018 Last seen - Nov 12, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Thank you

Thank you for clarifying your usage details to us. As Inspiron is not a gaming laptop it might not be able to handle extreme graphics usage. However, the problem that you have reported might get fixed after updating the drivers. Try updating the Video Card Drivers from the below mentioned link:

Do reply with results.
AMRDYS 3 Posts Saturday November 10, 2012Registration date November 13, 2012 Last seen - Nov 13, 2012 at 02:43 AM
Hi Zohaib,

Unfortunately I've tried updating all my drivers from Dell website, but that didn't help fixing my problem. If the problem lies in a hardware part like the motherboard or graphics chip, howcome it's operating normally when the laptop is turned on? that's what makes this problem so weird. maybe a broken screen converter or LCD panel or whatever the small part that transmit the signals from the motherboard and the graphics chip to the laptop screen.

Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate it.
and I really hope that we catch a solution for this particular problem, to help the community.
Aldo > AMRDYS 3 Posts Saturday November 10, 2012Registration date November 13, 2012 Last seen - Sep 7, 2016 at 07:02 PM
hi, have the same problem, do you have the solution? :( i don't know why happend that..
Hi amr I have the same problem happen today after doing all the updAtes !! Please if u have any resolution about this problem let me know .. Thank u :)
Zohaib R 2421 Posts Sunday September 23, 2012Registration date July 16, 2018 Last seen - Oct 1, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Thank you
Hi sohom,

Please check the below mentioned hyperlink, I replied to your thread:

Dell n5010 not booting boot , please help me

Hope this helps.