My dell laptop cannot start up properly

 Redly Ramosala -
I am using a Dell Inspiron laptop. When I on the laptop, the laptop is able to load initially, when the screen shows the Dell logo. However when it comes to the part where it load at the Windows XP logo screen, the bar below the logo keeps moving showing that it is loading but after 20 minutes, my laptop is still showing the same screen. I cant reach my XP account page. How do I solve this?

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Lots of good ideas here and Molly's work around did work just as described.
Since I will not let a PC problem beat me I kept working and found the following

I could boot into safe mode with networking with no problems.
I noticed that Microsoft updates had not been done for some time but others had.
I downloaded all available updates from Microsoft including Service Packs then
booted using Molly's Control/Alt/Delete work around.
I disabled all processes one at a time until I found the program that was causing the problem
which turned out to be and Adobe Reader update. Since this update was installed on a system
that was not up to date it caused the system to hang during the boot up process. Once removed
it worked perfectly.
I un-installed then re-installed Adobe Reader and the problem is gone.

Hope this helps someone in the future.
Thank you

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i am dying. my inspiron xp has a flat battery. 2 days ago it shut down and wont restart. the fan starts as does the dvd drive, but nothing comes up on the screen. I thought it was a screen problem, but I think definitely boot. it wont even start doing anything.

any ideas. thanks
> Stupidi

i am sure I tried this a thousand times already, but: plugged in, turned on, pulled battery out, shut down (hold power button until shut down), start up and presto, bingo, jumanji - got it...

thanks for your inspiration above... that just saved me about 2 weeks work and a lot of pain. love you all.

now to back up.................
how if my laptop Dell latitude E6410 message appear in the black screen said- no boot device found. press any key to reboot the machine. I try to reboot several times but still on the black screen. please any advice from you
Thanks so much. This was what my laptop was doing exactly and I was ready to take it to the shop. This worked like a charm. Thank you so much!
Hello there,
I have a problm wih my DELL laptop, it starts normaly with the appearance of the DELL Logo, but windows will not open, the screen just remain blank, but U can hear windows pooping.I was told it is because the computer was shoot down poorly on several occation and windows has encountared a problem and needs to be refoermated. so what can I do, to remedy that situation?
Can someone help me please, my laptop was working fine last night, and I shut it down properly and when I turned it on today it goes to the windows error recovery and i've tried both and it still won't work. Also I don't have the recovery disk.. :/ nor the PowerSuite BootCare CD. And I don't want to lose any of my things my reinstalling, so what can I do???
go to safe mode by pressing f8 uninstall recent installed software and restart and boot normally issue will be solved
I had the same problem. Your problem most likely happen a few months after you installed a larger hard drive. I replaced my 60g hard drive with a 150g. The change was needed because I ran out of space. After reading all the forums, call tech suppor and buying another hard drive I found the real problem. The hard drives that I purchased were to large for the laptop. Check your BIOS. It will tell you what the larges size your machine can run. My BIOS said 130g or around there. I formatted the 150g drive and made the system think it was a 120g drive. It has sbeen 4 months and no problems. The other two hards drive I use as external backup drive, and storage. Hope this helps
Here is the short version. Check your BIOS to see what is the larges hard drive that the BIOS is set for. My guess is you had installed a larger hard drive. After a few months you got the PBR error. My dell's bios said that the hard drive size was around 130g. I had installed a 150g. Then when I was told that that drive was bad I installed a 260g. Same problem. I reformated the harddrive to make it think it was 125g. This correct the problem. The other drive I use as external backups and storage. Hope this helps.