Toshiba laptop won't turn on [Solved/Closed]

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I've got toshiba satellite p75-a7200 and it won't start up.

It all started when I accidentally plugged the laptop off the charger while the battery was taken off. It just didn't want to start on the first try. Then I've tried unplugging it and holding the power button for 1-3min and nothing happend when I tried to power it on, still black screen. Then I've repeated the process serval times and I've got it to work. The next few days it worked flawlessly.

Yesterday while I was going to bed I restarted my laptop, the next morning I found it not booted only black screen tried the steps I've done before and no luck.

This happened me two years ago and because I had warranty sent it to factory they fix it. Now I don't have warranty and I want to be sure that there is nothing I can do before I take it to someone to repair it. Please help me to turn it on, black screen and no backlight no Toshiba logo nothing, only the led laps shoving that it's powered on and that it's got power.

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If you have greenlight on battery, and no boot, then you can try the battery trick.

you must unplug the ac power convertor. Unplug it so it makes two parts, and unplug it from the wall. Set it aside.

Take your laptop, and take the battery out. Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

Now put it all back together, and try it. If it works, it works. If it doesn't you must take it to a technician!

I have said it once, I will say it again. IT!
Thank you

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What type of laptop? What is the model number I mean? You should not have to turn screw for batteries!
thank you worked
Toshiba Portege x30 no access for battery removal has two screw either side of a transmittor
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If you have to unscrew screws for the battery, it is a netbook variant, and those things will not be rectified by this method or procedure. Those devices are built to break. If it doesn't boot, take it back, or save for a new one!
Worked for me
Oh my gosh it worked. Pressing the power button after battery was pulled out and unplugged from wall. Thank you.
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Rite ON! That is what we like to HEAR! Thank you for the feedback!
Bummer didn't work for me :'(
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You need a technician then. Did you take the power cord apart to make two pieces?
Thanks guys for a nice tip.
My Toshiba Satellite would not turn on. on button lit up but black screen. This went on for several days until I opened the dvd drawer and suddenly everything was ok!
You are amazing! I just did this and it worked, Thank you.
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Rite on,thanks for the feedback!
No lights at all but tried removing battery and holding power button - amazing worked first time
So grateful thanks

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