Toshiba R50-C-103 Mouse Pad Unresponsive! Help? [Solved/Closed]

 Rpd tyrant -
Hello, Cody here!
Hope you are all well!

Need some advice asap.

Purchased a laptop from CCL online, delivered next day. This is my 3rd laptop in under 2 months, both previous developed a fault and a crack eve though I've had a Toshiba since 2009 and generally are quite good.

However they stated that they have a 14 day returns policy if faulty, not if I wanted to change for different or a refund. There is an additional charge for a refund or replacement if found not faulty which is £35 + £15 delivery fee.

The laptop is a Toshiba R50-C-103, very good spec and really nice looking home business user laptop and I paid £352 for it.

Because Toshiba have started to sell to businesses only, they have stopped selling to members of the public as of Friday last week the 30th Jan, which means I can no longer get the 3 year warranty for £30 they did for buyers which included collect and return and hardware repairs inc parts and labour.

My problem I now face is, the mouse pad on my current laptop is not scrolling up or down properly. It scrolls if you push really hard but then doesn't do it after a few trys. Toshiba said the hardware seems okay without diagnosing it. The cursor arrow works fine and navigates nicely, but you have to press harder than usual t get a response when clicking something or trying to scroll. The technician in hardware department said use one finger to scroll and use the edges, but still doesn't do it. It is a bit unresponsive in other areas too i.e using scroll bar on right to go down a page, it halts for a few seconds etc

I haven't registered the serial number yet with Toshiba as may want to return it, and upgraded to Windows 10 last night, but problem was before the upgrade as well when it persisted but don't want to return it as it's causing me stress!

What could be the problem, anyone?

Please advise, thanks.

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Have you try installing the new device driver for the touch pad? Or upgrade the driver?
Because i have some problem recently with my lenovo laptop and i just download the correct driver for the spesific OS (windows 10) and it turns out well for me
I kinda solved it, to a little extent. I didn't realise that you could scroll with two fingers but each laptop is kinda different. I watched a little video in the Settings page, it showed that you have to put two fingers on either side of the touchpad in order for it to work, as if you are doing splits with two legs, just not that wide apart. One finger on each side of the mousepad did the trick.

The mouse pad itself it really hard to feel, it is a matte finish and the laptop is a graphite black which is kinda awesome, I didn't think I'd get a deal this good. Only! the graphics card lets it down. It's an intel 5500 integrated so I'm not sure if I can do photo editing for my eBay etc.

The new range which is the Tecra or the medium-high business version of this laptop has a trackpad, that I assumed was more easier to navigate. The other problem I have is this mouse pad is sensitive to heat, with cold hands it doesn't work, and when it's too hot it gets a bit sticky.

Anyway before rambling on, I changed some settings on the mouse settings, like rotate left and right, up, down etc and activated the scroll bar function which uses the left side edge of the pad, also it had the option to do other things like one click highlight etc it still slacks functionality with the two finger scroll and I've now registered the laptop with Toshiba this morning so, I'm not sure if I can take it back. Still they will charge me the above mentioned fees for return or exchange. And I don't think it's worth it!

I am yet to learn all the other things my new laptop can do.

By the way, I do not know how to install drivers for my laptop or Windows 10.
> Cody
Control panel, hardware, click mouse, and check the settings. In windows 8 and above click windows key and x at the same time to pull up a side bar where you can choose control panel. Also you can choose device manager and uninstall/reinstall the touch pad. Lastly I would recommend updating the bios from Toshiba website.

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