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Hello. I received a Nokia 300 and my internet providers don´t have the "know how" respective to this equipment because it was developed around 2011 or something and they can't find the instructions to the procedure or whatever and now i'm stuck with no internet. Any help is welcome. Thanks for the

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November 4, 2016

Wi-fi is not the issue, let me explain. I had up until now a very simple cell-phone with no camera or internet or nothing other than making calls and send "sms's". Now a friend gave me this Nokia 300 (2011 i think) and my internet provider doesn't know how to activate the connection to the internet. From what i read about this one must create a Nokia account first but even through the PC i don't know how to do it that's why i'm asking for your help. Thanks

I am not certain we can help. If your carrier doesn't support the protocols that your phone understands, there is NOTHING WE CAN DO!

Please understand, I have not and will not look up the specifications of your hardware. What I do know, is, if your "device" wishes to connect to the modern network, it must speak the language (PROTOCOL). You know, like PROTOCOL DROID in STAR WARS!!

It sounds as though your DROID speaks a very old language that the modern network no longer supports!

We can do nothing about your carriers network or lack of support! Lack of your carrier support is what this comes down to: If they don't support it, neither do we!

SO, you have no wifi settings?

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