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Wednesday February 20, 2008
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 MathuesMuriel -

I got my new laptop today and it's completely in french, I do understand french but I prefer english...any idea how to change the language because i'm lost!

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To change the language to English just go to The program is called VISTALIZATOR download it and change the language. I hope this will help a lot of people. I used to have the same problem.
ahh everything is in french I need english! its really irrating as I dont know how to read or speak french! if you say its nearly impossible to change it and I have to downlaod a new window, then I how am I ment to do that if its all in french man! oh yeah I we say man not by saying you are a man if you get my driftt xD god damn it I need help!
hi, regards,
can you please send me the method how to change from enligh to arabic or vice versa on vista.
check :
and install new LIP in each language.
you can use Windows update, and chek for new update, then click on view available update, after that select windows ultimate language pack, and select your language interface pack (LIP). and download update and install them.
i have a new laptop but it is in arabic but it shows that intrnal is in english and express is in arabic but I got all the display in arabic
how change lang in windos vista
U GO 2 system preferences and click languages.........
click language bar and change into english
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Wednesday February 20, 2008
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Well, you cannot change the language... It's nearly impossible!! You want english, just install a new windows which is already configured in english!!!

Sorry man...
I dont get what your saying ....MAN...IM ACTUALLY A GIRL.
i got a new Toshiba Satellite L-40 195 laptop with windows vista home basic but it is totally in German and I want to change the language to English what do I do since I do not understand German
you have to go to and search for changing windows xp to vista.

i want to change my laptop language to english
please help me out.
I got a labtop windows vista but it's in french so how can I change it into english language?
> naimi
i got a new laptop with windows vista but it is completely italian how can I change to completely english language
> haddouta
all you need do is use vistalizator from siteans change yoour language.
Follow this tutorial on how to change your computer's display language:
I have the same problem with french can somebody plase give mee the link for downloading
Yeah I have the same problem but mine is on norwegian :/
Hi I have a Sony viao laptop brought in France and its in french but I want to change it to English. What can I do to change it? If I take it to a computer shop will they be able to do it or is it fairly simple process? If so what programs etc do I need to purchase? Thanks
No chance...I bought a new SONY VAIO laptop from FNAC as well. It has Vista Home Premium pre-installed on it. I am now told that it is impossible to change the display language and that I have to re-install a new version of Vista with English.

Bad luck mate...Ce'st la vie...
i have the same problem like Uchilled... and in my case I don't have any CD's for the laptop.. will it be alright if I format it? will I recover all my existing software?

hi zefenix,u will have to buy vista in english version dear,,,and you will be fine see ya
I have the same problem. I have a brand new notebook with Hungarian Vista Premium - according to Microsoft I can only download change to English if I download the Vista Ultimate for 140 Euro. Go to the Microsoft site.

all the best.
P.S I just confirmed this, read the same in Microsoft's own Forum.
Did you manage to change language to English on your Vista Pack, I have the same problem.
I teach IT Managers, they all said the same thing as I have read everywhere else. To change your Vista to English you must upgrade to Vista Ultimate - I suppose we could easily go straight to the source and get the same answer.


I have the same problem dut my laptop is in italian...I don"t know if is any transformasion pack...or interface something:((
I am afraid if I take your vistalizator to not be a virus or somethink...becouse I read a message< you give me a virus,go to hell>
dont be worry of vistalizator
i made it with my hp laptop its completly german
i made it before and now I will make it again
but u should download a clean 1 and download the english interface pack from microsoft
when u have it attach the english interface in vistalizator when u open it and resart ur pc when its finish
when u turn it on again u will get a new window askin u for wich language u want
then choose english
and opalaaaaaaa
NB : u should add the english keyboard to the language interface