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 MathuesMuriel -

I got my new laptop today and it's completely in french, I do understand french but I prefer english...any idea how to change the language because i'm lost!

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go to:

Vistalizator - change display language in Vista Home and BusinessVistalizator Did you buy a Vista laptop from abroad and want it to talk to you in ... Try Vistalizator - this tool allows you to change display language in ...
All info on site.
good luck.

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Vista 64-bit SP1
Thank you

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CCM 2942 users have said thank you to us this month was unavailable for now. can some of you guys can give me a copy of an english language interface pack? I have my vistalizator but I cant have any english language pack. please help me.


It's really easy how to change the language of vista home premium or basic without spending a single dollar. Microsoft thiefs!!! Ok, this is how I changed it from english to spanish for my dear uncle. Follow these easy steps:

1) Go to
2) Download the Vistalizator (You should save it, not run it just in case you wish to use it again to revert languages as you wish). Open the application and minimize you will need it soon.
3) Under language packs, click the MUI for your operating system (If you do not know your operating system click on the windows logo on the menu bar and type system on the search bar. A list of programs will show, simply click on "system" and a page will open up with the information you need. If you have a service pack 1 installed it will say it).
4) A List of languages will show up, simply click on the language you want to revert vista to and save it in a folder you know how to get to. (If you run it, vista will automatically tell you that your system has reached a limit on the number of languages it is authorized to have).
5) Unminimize or open vistalizator (for those who did not minimize the program), and click on "add languages" and go to the folder you decided to save your MUI language of choice. Once this is done it will install the language. You will now see "internal" language (default one you want to change) and the "express" language (the one you just added.
6) Click on the Language you just added to the list and click "change language." After this I think it will suggest to update the language. If you choose not to it will reboot the computer and when it restarts the language will be changed. That it it!!!

Now for those who want to know how to update the language:

1) Go to and under program click "download"
2) Save "Windows Update Agent" and "Windows Search 4.0" for your operating system in a known folder.
3) Open vistalizator, highlight the "express" language and click on "update languages" a message will pop up telling you that you need the applications you just saved. Browse one and click ok. Must repeat this step to browse second application.
4) Once done with both applications, click on "update language" and it might update if it has one if not it will tell you that this language has latest update.

Good luck to all
great !!!! God bless you! I was desperately looking for such kind of stuff..
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thanks a lot, you've been a great help. I had successfully changed my vista from chinese to english.
thank you so much...god bless you. this article helps me a lot
What if was temporarily unavailable?
Thanks , this article helped me too
I have als the sam eproblem as him,I have bought a loptop but the language is vista deutsch versionand I do not understand it, how can I change the language,
the second problem is that I also can not change the windows.
When I want ot install the new windows with bootable wndows CD, after copying the windows file ,a messeage appears imply that no memory hard is recognized(while I had shrink an extra drive for the new windows).
I also can not install new XP windows form the current windows space.
what shall I do ?
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.. I thing u can make an` update for english language and after: (1) Start
(2) Control Panel
(3) Clock, Language and Region
(4) Regional and Language Option
(5) Curent Format & Keyboards and Languages -Chose a display language
hi my laptop I completely in japanese I don't know how to get there even though I tried on another laptop it didn" t work

thanks for ur mail

Vistalizator isn't enough. Because it changes only MUI messages (Multilanguage User Interface). Same Vista Ultimate. The core file are still in wrong lang. version. e.g. Microsoft Update _must_ be run with main lang. settan (italian or french) to work properly :(

Anyone knows a way to really change lang. of vista? Copy some files from desired (eng.) version?
i bought a laptop 2 months ago.its completly in italian.i dont understand italian so I want to change it to in english so guide me plz
Go to control panel
regional and language
keyboard and language
change keyboard
change it to english
if you live in canada change it to english
I hope this helped.
enjoy it
u can go to
ok, I will try and ask if I can not change the language
thanks for the help
I have the same problem..but I accidentally changed my language from English to Hungarian! awkward...anyway, the way I changed it to English was quite simple... I just go to start and then control panel and go to languages from there. Then you can change it to english...meh... if that doesn't work, then I'm sorry.
Dear ALL stupid people it's my pleasure to show you how the professionals works:
Try WIndows vistaliser in
I think it may help
If I have a German Vista Home, can I buy the Upgrade to ultimate from lets say England, and this will then upgrade my german basic all to english? Or would I have to buy the German upgrade, then Change it to english this way?

My concern is, I live in one of the last towns that have refused to come out of the medivel age and have only dial up, so want to avoid the Windows update process if possible until my family is able to move to a town that has broadband.

Thanks so much
i have hp vista laptop I wanna change the language from arabic to english
go to control panel
regional and language
keyboard and language
change keyboard
change it to english
if you live in canada change it to english (canada) us
I hope this helped
you just have to buy a english version of vista and insert it into your computer then run the process on screen,te process will be in english because the cd is !!!!!
Hi!!! Thanks very much!
I could change my language from japanese to Spanish of my windows Vista!... It was very easy!...
I'm very happy for that!...
Hi, I think there is a free software called: Vistalizator;
you can change the language of your windows system - VISTA into any language you want!

I think you can find it at most of ware sites, and I can you give you a direct link for it, it is at
Have fun with all kinds of languages~~
try LIP on microsoft website...

I got my new laptop today and it's completely in french, I do understand french but I prefer english...any idea how to change the language because i'm lost!
I just try the vistalizator and work 100%. I convert my Lap-top from Italian to English. Great Stuff.
really vistalizer helped me a lot..............i bought a french laptop......after following his really worked and noa I have english version of vista

thanks a lot yaar
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The solution is here =>

C u !