Internet, usb 3.0 ports , windows non genuine, monitor, drivers.

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If you read the title you may be a bit confused...

So my problem is i have built my first pc , and once i got everything wired and connected I turnt the pc on first of all it said my windows is not geunine as well as the resultion was 800x600 and everytime i resart the computer it reverts back to 800x600. I tried reimageing my computer with the windows 7 Home premuim OEM but of course the internet dosent work because of " no driver " and i install driver because the 3.0 usbs donsent work and i need to reimage . On top of that i can not install any new drivers for the GPU , CPU and MOBA. And instead of saying the benq what ever model in screen resoultion it says " Generic non PnP mointor on standard VGA Graphics Adapter when im using HDMI. As well in device manager it is saying alot of errors. Im pretty sure thats it, i have no clue how i have done this i am sorry .

If the internet was fixed i could atleast get all the drivers and validate windows 7 . Btw i am using a ethernet cord to connect pc to internet .

Here is some pictures :
Sorry i had trouble uploading on this website so i did it on IMGUR

Part list :

Thanks for your help!
Xavier Hay

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Dec 23, 2016 at 04:09 AM
Hi Xavier,

You have a pretty good PC and this issue is a bit strange. The good news is that it looks like a software problem. I would do a fresh Windows installation. In general all the drivers should be installed during the installation (at least their basic version). Before starting the new installation, I would reset BIOS to its default settings.
The Windows not being genuine problem may be different issue and I would contact the Microsoft support. They may be able to provide another key or at least a step by step guide how to resolve the issue.

Hope this helps