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I got this error

Hi , How are you??? I download Windows Live Psp Messenger , and I did all what was mention in the instruction. But after I insert my email and the...

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Memory pb with vista

Hi, guys! I recently install Vista Ultimate on one PC (HP Pavilion a1700n). I remove the 40 GB IDE HD from the HP PC and put it into a Compaq EV...

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Blue screen

Hello, i've got some problems with my laptop! Every time i launch windows xp, i'm having a blue screen. Can some one help me out sort out this p...

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Icon size pb with xp

Hello, I’m using windows XP and for some reason my icons have all turned large! I have no idea why… Can someone please help me?

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Which os?

I'm looking to buy a used laptop computer for my kids so they can play their games on it. I found a few nice computers in my price range, but they ...

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Still missing show desktop icon


Hello, I have tried the notepad method of restoring the Show desktop icon but it hasn't worked on my laptop. I have tried it on my main PC and it wo...

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