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  • how do i get it on msn ? Closed

    Hello,i cont get me webcam on to msn can you help me plz ???x

    emily | Windows | Latest reply: emily Mar 13, 2009
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  • Vista freezes up occasionally only once then Closed

    Hello, I don't know anything about computers so I found this site and thought it'd help me. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and lately for the past ...

    Carol | Windows Vista | Latest reply: Tweedledum Mar 13, 2009
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  • create files based on the values of one file Closed

    Hello, i would like to write a DOS Batch script to create a multiple files based on the values from a single file mainfile.txt (For instance, mainfi...

    raghav525 | Windows | Latest reply: raghav525 Mar 13, 2009
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  • hard disk 'c' doesnt open Closed

    Hello, Somethings is terribly wrong with my computer when i double click on local disk C: i get this error message... Windows cannot find RECYC...

    tiya | Windows | Latest reply: rated jdb Mar 13, 2009
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  • «help» Closed

    Hello, can you help me urgent I have my TOSHIBA laptop and I have windows vista home Premium and when i start my laptop I get this message : syst...

    ABDULLA | Windows | Latest reply: kys09 Mar 13, 2009
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  • no audio Closed

    Hello, I accidently removed the audio from my computer(I think it was Maxsound or Soundmax, I can't remember). Now I have no audio at all on my comput...

    noanswer | Windows | Latest reply: noanswer Mar 13, 2009
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  • Windows XP installation CD doesnt do anything Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 400 PC, I recieved and error message that said NTLDR is missing, pres cntrl alt del to restart after doing so, nothing happen...

    Swade | Windows XP | Latest reply: Swade Mar 12, 2009
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  • problems with windows xp pro Closed

    Hello, I have currently got windows xp pro installed on my home pc,the only problem is that after a problem last week,i have had to install the saem ...

    brian | Windows XP | Latest reply: brakers Mar 12, 2009
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  • Hear everything running but see nothing Closed

    Hello, i have a windows xp. It started freezing about a month ago or it would turn off. I took it to a friend that thought it was out of memory. He i...

    Noah | Windows | Latest reply: Noah Mar 12, 2009
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  • Acer from Vista to Xp Closed

    Hello, I've tried to downgrade my Vista to XP on my Acer laptop but Xp keeps crashing... why?

    sensei.moore | Windows XP | Latest reply: jomissme Mar 12, 2009
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  • Network controller not install Closed

    Hello, I have 'Viglen' desk top PC with windows XP in the device manager Network Controller giving me question mark and sign of exclamation over it. ...

    muryali | Windows | Latest reply: killme72 Mar 12, 2009
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  • how to delete the sam account Closed

    Hello, I want to know how to delete sam(security account manager) account through the command prompt. Someone told me this is one of the ways you can...

    ghostzone | Windows | Latest reply: ghostzone Mar 12, 2009
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  • Blue Screen When I Start Computer Up, Help? Closed

    Hello, I started up my laptop yesterday and it doesn't get past the Windows loading page thing before it blue screens. I've had to post at school be...

    Tomothyy | Windows | Latest reply: julioz Mar 12, 2009
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  • external HDD ( I omega Closed

    Hello, I have this 500 GB external I OMEGA hdd and hafe had no problems so far. But recently when i plug it in to the usb port it switches on fine an...

    hornets | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 11, 2009
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  • HELP!!! I'v lost my files! Closed

    Hello, I had a little problem with my external hardrive and now i cant access it unless i format the hardrive, i understand that i have lost all my d...

    BookWorm | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 11, 2009
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  • Deleted Files from Memory Card. Closed

    Hello, I recently moved some files from the memory card of my digital camera onto my computer without copying them and then proceeded to delete the...

    Megan | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 11, 2009
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  • how do you fix a short circuited hard disk Closed

    Hello, umm.. will you guys help hard disk has been damage (short circuited) I do not know the reason why.. well if there any CHANCE that I...

    eviltypist | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 11, 2009
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  • error message when starting up computer Closed

    Hello, How do I fix error message C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1.bin\MWSBAR.Dll keep getting it every time I turn on computer. How do I correct it??

    bucky | Windows | Latest reply: Daniel Dimitrijevski Mar 11, 2009
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  • mssing local settings Closed

    Hello, I could not find my local setting in my computer and i go to tool --> view tap --> i found the folder to check for view hiden files is missi...

    pomkun | Windows | Latest reply: dils Mar 11, 2009
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  • video controller not installed Closed

    Hello, i;ve got another problem. I installed the video card driver successfully but it says that the video controller was not installed. Every time...

    ynneb27 | Windows | Latest reply: akinator1e Mar 11, 2009
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  • my webcam is not working properly Closed

    Hello, my web cam is not working properly after installing window XP. I am uanble to discover the driver of web cam plz help? second problem is, aft...

    navin | Windows | Latest reply: Jaresly Mar 10, 2009
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  • Desktop Not Loading Closed

    Hello, I've read dozens of threads now, i've tried editing my registry, doing a system restore and tons more methods, but i'm still getting the same p...

    Haza | Windows | Latest reply: Haza Mar 10, 2009
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  • task manger is not opening Closed


    zani | Windows | Latest reply: zani Mar 10, 2009
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  • ie application errors Closed

    Hello, after upgrading to IE 8 I started to get the following IE error messages: The instruction at "0x4e44de1" or "x55084de1" referenced memory at ...

    portviking | Windows | Latest reply: bethy Mar 10, 2009
    1 reply

    Hello, I am experiencing similar problems to some of the posts above. My computer was working fine until the 26th of February 2009. I turned on t...

    AZUA | Windows Vista | Latest reply: tigerlio Mar 10, 2009
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  • is there any ther solution? Closed

    Hello, im having the saem preoblem as u guys..... but..i tried everything .. and the lat 1 was trying to type g:\i386\userinit.ex system\.... but i...

    chowton | Windows | Latest reply: Elizabeth14 Mar 10, 2009
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  • Problem in Internet in Inspiron-1525 Closed

    Hello, My Problem is That I'm not able to connect to internet through Wi-Fi. Actually I stay in Hostel and their is wi-fi network in our hostel i hav...

    montu | Windows | Latest reply: Tweedledum Mar 10, 2009
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  • Help Blue Screen 2057 Media center Closed

    Hello, i can open and used windows media center fine but when i go to seach for TV channels the process will reach 3% then the system will show the...

    martaldo | Windows | Latest reply: mario221 Mar 10, 2009
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  • Picture files after Hirens Boot CD Closed

    Hello, after i used the Hirens Boot CD, i used something called HDD Regenerator on that, and it fixed my comp, however the files were deleted, but iv...

    Karl | Windows | Latest reply: Gordon Mar 10, 2009
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  • Not listing program Closed

    Hello, Please guys, my Add/Reomove Programs doesnt list the program, it just stay on " PLEASE WAIT THE LIST IS BEING POPULATED..." it doesnt list any...

    Peter | Windows | Latest reply: Peter Mar 10, 2009
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  • vista to xp Closed

    Hello, good day ,pls i need to change to xp but my school computer maintener told me that all my computer model (compaq cq 40)ound driver problem.tha...

    hafizmohammed1 | Windows XP | Latest reply: hafizmohammed1 Mar 10, 2009
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  • No audio devices also no audio mixer message Closed

    Hello, I installed windows xp over my windows vista and i couldnt get internet or sound to work, then i found my vista recovery disk i made(which i d...

    Dubstyleblank | Windows | Latest reply: jmp59 Mar 10, 2009
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  • PC can't reply to ping from other PCs Closed

    Hello, I have jus reformatted a PC and am trying to put it back to the network, using a static IP, I ping other IPs and they reply but when I ping t...

    anco | Windows | Latest reply: Rajeev Mar 10, 2009
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  • my computer just restart by itself before co Closed

    Hello, My problem is that my computer just restart by itself before completing start up and will just continue in this cycle. After the windows load...

    Anthony | Windows | Latest reply: Anthony Mar 9, 2009
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  • lost laptop Closed

    Hello, I found a lost laptop and I am trying to find the owner. It is running windows vista and is password protected. There are two different user a...

    wesley | Windows | Latest reply: Yooooo Mar 9, 2009
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  • i cant to this one website Closed

    Hello, hey i need help i wanting to go to this one website for a game i always played (maplestory) and now since it wasnt working i had to delet it n...

    halo 3 | Windows | Latest reply: halo 3 Mar 9, 2009
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    Hi folks i have a dell dimension 4500 with pentium 4 and 512 mb ram. Before upgrading my hard drive it ran xp with sp2. I have now upgraded to a h...

    toe_knee | Windows XP | Latest reply: subutai Mar 9, 2009
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  • Windows theme Closed

    elow, i tried to change the display properties by clicking the appearance but as i have said it didn't worked. I would like to try your second opti...

    pat | Windows | Latest reply: mikethedike Mar 9, 2009
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  • External Hard drive Problems!! Please Help! Closed

    Hi! So my external hard drive isn't opening on my computer or anyone else's computer anymore. My hard drive used to work just fine with my computer. I...

    Luvinu1122 | Windows | Latest reply: lucas231 Mar 9, 2009
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  • Windows theme Closed

    I already change my windows theme using windows blind but the theme did not appear in the desktop. Please help me what i need to do

    pat | Windows | Latest reply: dior_c Mar 9, 2009
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  • Another qustion Closed

    Hello, i have bought a new acer aspire laptop xp windows media center edition 2003 with twelve months warrenty. my problem with this is bought my [c] ...

    whacker | Windows | Latest reply: anon Mar 8, 2009
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  • language change Closed

    Hello, how can i change the language of my laptop from italian to english

    mwavu | Windows | Latest reply: mwavu Mar 8, 2009
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  • cannot restore system Closed

    Hello, well i've already posted the main problem regarding my drives getting locked, now it seems that i cannot restore my machine to any previous ...

    Charlie | Windows | Latest reply: Charlie Mar 8, 2009
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  • What happens if I add more than specified RAM Closed

    Hello, I have an HP Pavillion dv9000 Lap top running Vista Home Premium 32 bits SP1, with an AMD Turion 64 X 2 1.80 GHz I just installed one module o...

    Yass | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 8, 2009
    1 reply
  • windows xp booting problems Closed

    Hello, I have read all of these blogs and I still cant find an answer to my problem...My computers starts with no icons or start bar....just a wallpa...

    hoping for a... | Windows XP | Latest reply: GHL Mar 8, 2009
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  • com help Closed

    Hello, i dont know if my com has a virus of anything but my com suddenly crash and it wont boot up at all the screens still black and when i tried t...

    milkydude12 | Windows | Latest reply: DJ AKSHAY Mar 8, 2009
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  • Hooked pc to tv used rac cbale but still no s Closed

    Hello, I hooked my pc( Dell lap top) up to my tv no problem but no sound.Got RCA cable one end into laptop headphones other RED and White into TV sti...

    Saint | Windows | Latest reply: vistaXpert Mar 8, 2009
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  • WD640 shows unknown device Solved/Closed

    Hello, Recently i bought Western Digital MyBook 640GB, I was tried all kind of trouble shooting but its still shows unknown device under device manag...

    ram | Windows | Latest reply: yashvintozor Mar 8, 2009
    1 reply
  • Audio problems on Vostro Closed

    Hello, I just bought a DELL Vostro A860 and downloaded Windows XP, but can't get audio, Device Manager shows in yellow "Modem Device on high definit...

    Wal | Windows | Latest reply: homer_simpson Mar 8, 2009
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  • cd/dvd burner trouble Closed

    Hello, ive had my acer laptop for nearly a year now and have been able to burn cds using windows media player since day one, until now that is, windo...

    gorton | Windows | Latest reply: mikethedike Mar 8, 2009
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