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Windows error and then nothing...

Hello, I hope you can help me. My system was stalled in a Windows has recovered from a serious error message and did a memory dump. When I try to...

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My start icon button has been missing

Hello,i have a problem the incon at the bottom corner has not been showing ...i am unable to shut down my pc the only was y turn it off is by turning ...

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Window xp sp 2


i want to to download xp sp 2 full version for free. from where i do this?

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I can't run my program


Hello, I downloaded Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008 DVD as a torrent file. It downloaded 100%, but when I tried to open the program it ...

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Formatting hard disc

how do i formatt my hard disc and what care should i take before that? plz tell me.

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Missing drivers

Hey guys, If anyone could help me it would be so helpful as i have been sitting at a computer for hours looking for what to do. I just got a com...

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Hello, i want to connect six computer 100ft apart using switch. i want parallel to series connection(vice versa) between pc and switch. can i p...

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Cmos checksum error


Hello, I got this message: "CMOS checksum error" right after my PC shows the hard drive info while it's booting up. Won't get past the windows scre...

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Scripts and active x controls?

Hello, HEEEEELLLLLpppp I just got my internet on a few days ago and every time I get online or go to another page a pop up comes on titled Internet...

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Linking hk_current user to hk_localuser in re

Hello, i have an environment where my systems are used by different users with different profiles,and i want to link the hkey_current user folder key...

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I have a cam but no software for it!!

Hello, hello,i have a webcam,i dont have software for it,no codes,just the printing of mi on the cam, i would like to get it to work,but i dont even ...

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Bios problem

Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 Running Windows XP.I need to know because I try to watch a DVD and after a while the picture stutters and sometime...

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Can u help me log into my account


Hello, hey i cannot log onto my hotmail account because i have forgot my password and my secret question an i need to get into it bad cuz i have alot...

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Fat16 ,32 logicalfile structures and operatio

hi i need information about fat16,32 logical file structure and operation for an hard drive

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Xp help.

Hello, Win XP audio driver installed but no sound output from the system. Pls. why this?

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Problem with computer, windows xp operating

Hello, I had a computer that messed up over 3 years ago. I had the hard drive, power supply, fan, motherboard and xtra memory installed into it. It s...

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Hello, whats is computers Autentication

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Pc mightymax v9

Hello, I think I made a mistake when I was updating windows or trying to find out why Windows explorer was not working right. I downloaded this pc mig...

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Restore window vista

i was having vista on my laptop acer travel mate 2490. then i install window xp on same drive. now i cannot use vista.even on start when i press F8 t...

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Weird sounds

Hello, my pc is having weird sounds is this becoz of my hard disk?

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Big problem

hi y does my pc lags everytime im opening a prog?

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Error reports

Hello, why do i keep getting error reporst everytime im on msn it disconnects me from msn and is really starting to make me want to stop using msn . ...

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Ie adds on how to activate ?

Hello, how can i do to activate IEXplorer adds on?

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Hidden folders doesn't open

can't see hidden files ,registry technique also do not work, but no virus detected on avast 4.8 home edition , tell me what to do plz..................

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No windows dvd player

Hello, My Windows Dvd Player took a hike on me. Some how it says I don't have a dvd player I did, but now it's gone to Never-Never Land with all the ...

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Recording from a tape

Hi I want to record music from old tapes. I have everything set up and it’s actually recording fine (cassette tape plug in right, all the correc...

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Error msg

Hello, Hi, I did see on the forum a similar sounding problem. My problem started ONLY after installing HP 915 All-in-one printer and its softwar...

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No sound after down grading..

i dont have any sound ,after i down graded my gateway mt6460 laptop from vista to xp can i solve my problem?

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Safe mode command


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Beep while turning on my computer

Hello, i was turning my compute on lastnight when i heard a beep and it was for about seconds or more, and when the beep is over my screen remains bla...

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on drive c:/ on folder option not click on show hidden files

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Vag driver

Hello,I want to know kind of cod or serial vga driver to donwnload .what can I do ? pls help by e-mail thank for Advace an...

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How do i?

Hello, Got this.... Your e-mail address has been blocked from receiving communications from us. Don't kow how to unblock... Help

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Hello, i want to kno wat is svchost.exe in the task manager!

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Worm rontkbr.gen removel tools

my pc is affected what is the removerl tools

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Use application overcross network cable

Hello! i have a Eee Pc and desktop PC. I m try to run some software on my Eee PC but that is imposible to install some heeavy software on Ee...

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slug of chimp

All in one printer not printing with xp sp2

Hello, i have a printer that fails eveytime i try to print a file. printer will try to re-print however stops and will print one line of characters...

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Toshiba usb storage device 40gb

Can not see the usb storage device (toshiba 40GB)

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Windows vista home premium

Hello, I have just recently purchased a new PC. On starting up my PC for the first time Windows Vista is supposed to run the set up as it was pre-...

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Network topology


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Firewall blocked

Hello, plz people i have a trouble with my cracked firewall since 4 days now.. It said it is blocked by support team and cant uninstall till i pay to...

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Shortcuts with xp

Hi all, i simply wanna learn new shortcuts for easy access to open something like win explorer (WinLogo button+E) ...Lil stuffs :p Thanxu

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Disk defragmenter

Hello, Just wondering why using disk defragmenter ?! Thanking everybodies

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Danger with my privacy

I'm having a problem with a message that being displayed on my desktop and it states" Your Privacy is in Danger!!!" Download Privacy Protection now, t...

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Windows corrupted

Hello, I have a big problem with my computer.When i want to switch it on, windows don't want to load?? What have i done, i don't know. So what do i...

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Hello, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\TypeLib\{11269241-F241-11CF-BD9A-00AA00575603} Noadware found this and listed it as a browser hijacker. ...

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The cd of my dsp-115 is broken

hi i have brother printer and i brokthe cd driver i wish if you can help me with this iwant to reinstull the driver on my pc

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Red flagged emails-vista os.


Using VISTA OS, I received a Red Flagged email. I wanted to Forward it on to someone else but without the Red Flag. I cannot get rid of it (the Red ...

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Windows selective restore?

Using DriveImage 7.0 I made a complete backup of my Win98SE PC and then moved this large proprietary DriveImage file to an external USB HD. Using ...

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I got a silly question but i prefer to ask before doing anything stupid. I have a vista business dvd for toshibas' laptops but i want to use it on an ...

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