Fortnite Halloween 2023: skins, dates, and Fortnitemares

Fortnite Halloween 2023: skins, dates, and Fortnitemares

Fortnite's Halloween event - Fortnitemares - is back and is bigger than ever this year. From October 10 into November, prepare for the Fortnitemares event dedicated to Halloween in Fortnite.

What is the Fortnitemares 2023 date?

The Halloween event in Fortnite starts at 01:00 PT, 04:00 ET, and 09:00 BST on October 10 and will run until November 3.

What does the Halloween event in 2023 look like?

In this Fortnite Halloween edition, you will be able to match the stakes of Kado Thorne's threat with the new Wood Stake Shotgun and vampire hunting via the Horde Rush limited-time experience. There will be numerous quests, where you can earn the Bat Royale Back Bling, a Cat Banner Icon, Sweet! EmotePhantasmic Fall ContrailHypno-Bat Spray, Revenant Rider GliderWithin the Sanctum Loading Screen, and Rise of the Revenant Lobby Track. Many new skins and emotes are also available for a short time!

What Fortnitemares skins are there?

The new Fortnitemares 2023 outfits include wrapped rapscallion Seth, muckfish Bogstick, meownstrosity Phantom Meowscles, and nautilus Festival Phaedra. Check out Jack Skellington Outfit, Michael Myers Outfit, Alan Wake Outfit and explore all the festive and eerie emotes.

Fortnite Michael Myers
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What other items are there?

This year you can find and use items like Sanguin Sweets and the Pumpkin Launcher, as well as Wood Stake Shotgun (findable from the ground), Thorne's Vampiric Blade, Witch Broom, and more unique weapons and items to defeat Kado Thorne. Fortnitemares Quests will become available daily too. Complete them and win in-game rewards, XP, and new eerie Locker items, such as Bat Royale Back Bling and a Cat Banner Icon for 5 completed quests; the Sweet! EmotePhantasmic Fall Contrail, and Hypno-Bat Spray for 15 quests; and the Revenant Rider GliderWithin the Sanctum Loading Screen, and Rise of the Revenant Lobby Track for 25 quests.

Is the Fortnitemares Horde Rush back?

The legendary Horde Rush limited-time experience is back this year! Go to different locations, complete all the quests, win various items, and survive each one's Cube Monster horde. Keep surviving until you beat the Final Boss. The Horde Rush experience will be live until the end of the Fortnitemares event, on November 3. In these quests, you can earn The Murk Wrap, Heart-o-Lantern Emoticon, and Batwing Bonespike Pickaxe.

Fortnitemares Horde Rush
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