What is Xbox Cloud Gaming

What is Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is the brand new groundbreaking Microsoft gaming streaming service that will allow players to play any game online, provide native cross-platform support, and provide a more prominent game catalog.

What is Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as Project xCloud, is Microsoft's Xbox cloud gaming service released on September 15, 2020. Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream games from Microsoft's dedicated servers and let you play to a much more extensive catalog from any device you want, and increase the toolbox for developers to provide cross-platform experiences.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will offer the ability to play and stream content using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service so that you almost no longer need a powerful device to play games. Moreover, Microsoft will allow developers to ease the porting process to other devices, like mobile, by providing many ways to make the game feel still pleasant. For example, the ability to create customs icons on your smartphone glass (instead of the box button) so that you don't have to memorize which keys are assigned to the actions, or the ability to create toggle buttons (if you need to play a game like Cuphead, you will like just focus or your movements will either always shooting or not), and lots more.

Xbox Cloud Gaming price

Project xCloud is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, costing $14.99 per month. You can also pay for the Xbox Series X/S in monthly payments of $34.99 for the Series X, or $24.99 for the Series S. This gives you access to the console and Xbox Game Pass. The Ultimate version includes Xbox Live Gold as well. This is called Xbox All Access.

Available Xbox Cloud Gaming games

There are already tons and tons of video games that are available. You can check them all on the official website.

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