Connect Xbox to PC: wireless

Connect Xbox to PC: wireless

To connect an Xbox to the internet through a PC, a bridge connection is required. Even though it is not ideal to use the PC to connect the Xbox to the internet, it can be done through the concept of bridging.

What is bridging

A router is required to connect the Xbox through the internet connection being used by the PC. Once the physical network is in place, the bridge can be connected on the PC by configuring the network connections and settings on the PC. Once connected to the internet, sign in to Xbox Live. Creating a PC to Xbox bridge connection will slow the internet for the Xbox whenever the PC starts processing data.

How to connect an Xbox to a PC

While bridging is not the ideal means of using your computer's internet connection to access Xbox Live, here are some tips on doing so. Be warned, bridging can sometimes cause lagging during online gameplay.


To do this you will need: a router, a wireless card and a network LAN port.

Connecting the bridge on the PC

If you have all this on your PC:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Network Connections
  • Make sure your wireless connection is active
  • Select the wireless connection and hold the "CTRL" key and click on the Local Area Connection so both are now highlighted
  • Right click one of them and click "Bridge connection"
    • Warning: This will disconnect you from the internet. If at any point you change your mind, simply highlight your wireless and LAN connections as before and right click > Remove from bridge.
  • Wait 30 seconds or so for the PC to sort itself out
    • Warning: Your internet may not work straight away please read on and give it some time
    • Try right-clicking the wireless connection and selecting Properties. Click OK in the new window.
    • If the computer still does not recognize the wireless connection, double check the bridge is connected to the correct router by going to Connection Settings
    • If you cannot see the router when you click View Available Wireless Networks it may be switched off or the signal may be too weak
    • If you can see it, connect to it.
    • If none of these work, your equipment may be faulty or the signal not strong enough.

Connecting to Xbox Live

Once you have your internet working on the PC:

  • Connect your Xbox to the PC using the LAN port on the PC
  • Turn on the Xbox
    • The connection may well fail at this point. This is OK
  • Follow the steps in Part 1 again, but this time make sure the LAN connection is the active one
  • From the Xbox, try to sign into Live again. It should work this time

If this has not worked:

  • Check all the cables are working and properly connected
  • Edit the network settings on your Xbox:
    • Go to IP and select Manual Settings
    • For the IP address enter 192.168.*.20
    • In subnet mask enter
    • In default gateway enter 192.168.*.1
    • In all the above cases, replace the * with the corresponding number in the IP address listed in the settings for the Network Bridge on the PC (often 0)
  • Edit the DNS settings on your Xbox:
    • Set both the primary and secondary addresses to 192.168.*.1
    • Replace the * as instructed above
  • If problems persist, restart your Xbox and ensure the LAN connection is active
  • If this does not work, check your firewall settings on the PC are not interfering with the connection
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