What is Joker malware and how to remove it?

What is Joker malware and how to remove it?

The latest threat to Android devices and the deadly Joker malware is causing havoc with a global reach. Read on to learn more about Joker, how it can affect your device, and what you should do if your phone is infected.

What is the Joker malware?

Joker is a malicious piece of software that sneaks into applications and gives you access to premium services without your consent using WAP billing services. It was first identified back in 2017, although, at that time, it mainly affected paid SMS messages. Until now, Google has managed to keep this virus away from its system, thanks to Play Protect's security technology. However, Google has discovered that more than 1,700 Android applications have been infected with Joker and has already removed them from the Play Store.

How Joker sneaks into your phone?

The creators of Joker have perfected their attack to fool both Google and Android users. It works by selecting free applications appearing clean and secure and contain false positive ratings. Step by step, users download the application believing it to be safe. Then, when many phones lots of phones have installed it, the creators of Joker release an update containing this malicious program making it nearly impossible for users to detect.

Despite Google's efforts to combat Joker, Android users must remain vigilant. The hackers behind this malicious software can launch up to 23 fake applications in a single day, making it difficult to identify, track and override their plans.

What to do if your device is infected with Joker?

If you've discovered that you're suddenly subscribed to several premium services that you didn't previously sign up for yourself

  • The first thing you should do is contact the services providers to unsubscribe (so they stop charging you).
  • Report that you've been a victim of Joker.
  • Uninstall the infected apps.
  • You should also install a good mobile antivirus to perform partial or complete restorations of your device.
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