Brighton Anime & Gaming Con: what to expect, highlights

Brighton Anime & Gaming Con: what to expect, highlights

Are you a fan of Anime universe? If yes, we have good news for you! This November, Brighton will become the center of anime world with the Brighton Anime and Gaming Con. Read this article to find out more about the event and plan your visit.

What is Brighton Anime & Gaming Con?

Brighton Anime & Gaming Con is a fun convention featuring everything from gaming, cosplay, anime, and comics events, shows, contests and concerts. It is held in the UK once a year and lasts 2 days.

When is Brighton Anime & Gaming Con?

This year's Brighton Anime & Gaming Con will be held on November 4 and 5 in Central Brighton , The Old Ship Hotel.

What are the highlights of Brighton Anime & Gaming Con?

At Brighton Anime & Gaming Con, you can dive into the vibrant world of anime and meet some of the top voice actors from your favorite series, as well as international talents. There will be an Anime Theatre,  where you can enjoy a dedicated space for watching your beloved anime titles, and internet screenings of popular series.

If you're an artist or simply enjoy drawing, the Artists Alley is the perfect place to sit, create, and unwind with other artists. At the event, you'll find a wide range of anime, gaming, manga, and comic merchandise from the exhibitors. You will also be able to catch live performances by J-pop and anime-themed singers, bands, and artists throughout the day.

You'll also be able to discover many gaming setups and 100s of gaming titles available. There will be Tournaments, Challenges, Retro & Modern Gaming Casual Play, PC and Indie Gaming, as well as RPG adventures and Board games. Cosplay events, Lip Sync battles, Anime bingo, Big Geek quizzes and raffles, Harajuka Fashion Show, and the final party – you can check the full schedule here and plan your visit accordingly. 

How much are the tickets to Brighton Anime & Gaming Con?

Ticket pricing starts from £14 for one-day access and goes up to £29 if you want to purchase a ticket with full anime weekend access. You can purchase your ticket here. There are also Early Bird (£6) and VIP Member (£10) options:

  • Early Bird ticket lets you enter earlier, and get two membership badges and 5 Big Geek Raffle tickets (£1 each).

  • VIP Member gives you all the benefits of Early Bird, plus printed badges, 5 extra Geek Raffle tickets, and a limited edition event tote bag worth £8.

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