Open SWF files in Windows and Android

Open SWF files in Windows and Android

SWF format is used to store multimedia content and video games. It is very popular because it can be opened directly with any web browser compatible with Flash. However, it is also possible to use an application to open an SWF file. You will need this if you want to open it from your mobile device, since the browser you use is probably not compatible with Flash.

How to play SWF files with your PC's browser?

Open any Flash-compatible web browser such as Chrome,Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Then, open the Windows File Explorer and locate the SWF file. If compressed, decompress it with WinRAR or some other similar program. Finally, drag the SWF file and drop it in the browser window. File playback will start automatically.

How to open SWF files with a program on your PC?

In addition to using your PC's browser to open SWF files, you can use a Flash-compatible player, such as Swiff Player. This program offers you other advantages and is simple to use. After installing, right click on the SWF file you want to open and select Open with then Swiff Player. The file will start playing, this time, in the player window.

How to open SWF files on your Android?

To open SWF files on your Android, you will need to download an application. First, pass the SWF file to your device using the data cable or the application AirDroid. Then, download and install SWF Player. Next, open SWF Player, click on Local Files, then find the SWF file you want to open and select it. Playback will start automatically in the application window.

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