How to open .pub Files: WIndows, macOS, Linux

How to open .pub Files: WIndows, macOS, Linux

The .PUB file extension is native to Microsoft Office Publisher and is used to create different kinds of publications like letters, flyers, brochures, etc., and contains both text and vector graphics elements. However, you can also use other software to open .PUB files.

How to open .PUB files with LibreOffice?

  • Download and install LibreOffice.
  • Open LibreOffice Draw.
  • At the top of the interface, click on File > Open > and select your .PUB file.

How to open .PUB files with Microsoft Office Publisher?

  • Download and install Microsoft Office Publisher.
  • Because it is the native application to open .PUB files, you can open the .PUB file you want right away.

How to open .PUB files online?

  • You can go to PUBToPdf online and convert your .PUB file to a PDF file.
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