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Microsoft Fix it is a diagnostic software which allows detecting potential troubles which may affect a PC. It also offers some advices on how to optimize the device.

Key Features

The program proceeds to an extensive scan of the PC in order to identify computer glitch that may slow down the speed execution of the tasks. Then, it launches an automatic repairing of the detected troubles. Microsoft Fix it integrates a tool which warns the user on probable updates of different programs installed on his PC. Then, all modifications will be listed in a detailed report. Microsoft Fix it is able to reduce energy consumption used on the computer which is essential for laptops. For this, it endows an option which enables detecting unfavorable parameters to the PC autonomy such as screen luminosity level and different supply options.

System requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • File size: 348 Kb.
  • Required space disk: 500 Kb.


This program can be downloaded for free. It is lightweight and consumes less RAM resources. Being multilingual makes it easy to start up.


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Alternative spelling: FixitCenter_Run_2012.exe
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