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Knowing information about the key components of a computer is needed in several areas and for numerous purposes. To collect this information, it is necessary to have a program like CPUID HWMonitor.

Key Features

CPUID HWMonitor can proceed with scanning installed hardware. During this analysis, it tries to collect all the information about the items in the computer. Note that this information is all different. This software supports most computer peripherals such as graphics card, processor, hard drive and ACPI. Concerning processors, even modern versions are compatible including Core i5 and Core i7. When the scan is complete, the information gathered will be displayed in a clear manner. The user can find out the temperature of the different elements, the voltage applied to the processor, or the speed of the fans.


  • CPUID HWMonitor can be downloaded for free.
  • Thanks to its light weight, it consumes very few resources.


Other versions are available here:


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