PC Suite - Connect your phone to your PC

August 2016

With the increased use of mobile phones, the need to connect them to PCs has also risen. PC Suite has thus become very popular. This article deals with PC Suite for networking your phone to your PC.
PC Suite is free software that is designed to sync your mobile phone to the PC. This article gives detailed information about the Nokia PC Suite. With the help of screen shots, it informs users how to install, connect and use it. The PC Suite is very versatile, and can be used for transferring files or creating a backup of the data stored on your phone, among other things.

PC Suite is used to connect your phone to your PC. It can be done by downloading PC Suite from the internet or installing it from the CD provided by the company. This enables data transfer between the two.

You can download PC suite using these links:</gras>


  • Insert the software disc for your phone into your CD/DVD drive.
  • Run the PC Suite installation.
  • Accept the licence agreement and select your destination drive.
  • Let the installation continue

Get connected

  • After installation, the "Get Connected" Wizard will appear.
  • Click on the right arrow button to continue.
  • You will now need to select the Connection type. This depends on whether you are using a USB data cable or not. To connect by Bluetooth, select "Bluetooth Connection". Turn Bluetooth on, then click on the right arrow button on your phone to continue.
  • PC Suite will now search for your phone
  • Select your phone if it is detected
  • Click on Next to connect

Now you can browse your phone, add music, make a back-up of your phone and manage your contacts and messages!

PC Suite also allows you to send text and multimedia messages directly from your computer. You can also connect to the internet, using your mobile phone as a modem.

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