How to create a summary slide in PowerPoint: dynamic summary

How to create a summary slide in PowerPoint: dynamic summary

This guide will teach you how to create a summary slide for a PowerPoint presentation. This brief slide can be used to summarize all of the main points discussed in your presentation.

What is a summary slide in PowerPoint?

The summary slide aims to summarize all the main information of your presentation, as well as your contact details, email address, website, QR code, etc. Typically this slide will come at the end of a presentation to summarise what was shown throughout the presentation. Alternatively, you can include the summary slide at the beginning to show the audience what they can expect in the presentation. 

How to create a summary slide in PowerPoint

Summary Slides in Office 2003 and Earlier Versions

  • Go to Slides > Normal View and select the slides you want to appear in the summary slide.
  • Click on Outlining toolbar > Summary Slide.
  • PowerPoint will create a new slide summarizing the titles of the selected slides.

Summary Slides in Office 2007 Onwards

The Summary Slide option was removed from newer versions of Microsoft Office (Office 2007 onwards), but you can create your summary slide manually.

  • The first step is to add a new slide to your presentation.
  • Go to Home > Slide > Layout and select a layout with a title and content (unless you want to create the textboxes manually). This will be your summary slide.
  • Next, go to Slides tab (next to Outline) and then paste the title of each of your slides into the summary slide.

If you would like to link the titles displayed in the summary slide to their corresponding slides in the presentation, you can use hyperlinks to link them together.

  1. Go to the summary slide and highlight the first title.
  2. Right-click and select Hyperlink from the Insert menu.
  3. Go to Link to and select Place In This Document and then locate the desired slide.
  4. Click OK to validate. Repeat the operation for the other titles.
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