Measure distance on screen: Windows 10, Mac

Measure distance on screen: Windows 10, Mac

Whilst it may not be a necessary feature for everybody, measuring the distance between two points on a screen is indispensable for web designers and developers and can generally prove quite useful. There are different tools that measure the distances within a page and check the dimensions of any object that appears on it.

In this article we've provided a list of programs dedicated to measuring elements on the screen, whether they are logos, tables or any other object, so that the design of your web page is perfect and you can measure your screen like a professional.

Page Ruler Redux

Page Ruler Redux is an extension for Chrome that allows you to use a ruler to measure the width, height and position of any area or element on the page. In addition, you can get the dimensions in pixels, as well as the positioning.

Perfect Screen Ruler

Perfect Screen Ruler is a graphic tool that accurately measures any object on your screen. You can tell the size of a button, for example, or the distance between two points. You have the option to enlarge the image which can prove very useful with very small images or when you need to study an area of the screen in detail.


ScreenRuler is a program for measuring objects on the Ubuntu desktop with the help of six different metrics. Through them you can measure in pixels, centimetres, inches, points and percentages. With the use of the keyboard you can measure even more accurately.


Dimensions is a tool for designers to measure the dimensions of the screen, specifically from the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen. It is also ideal for measuring the distance between specific elements on a page.

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