Where to download 4K wallpapers: on PC, Mac, mobile devices

Where to download 4K wallpapers: on PC, Mac, mobile devices

Luckily, it's possible to update the wallpaper without distorting the image. In this article we explain where you can find photos in 4K or Ultra HD, and then we look at how to configure them to fit your desktop.

Why choose a high resolution image?

There is a world beyond predefined landscape images or blurry family photos. There is a broad variety of high definition images that will fit your computer, or external monitor, perfectly. Series and movie scenes are some of the most popular wallpapers.

At the end of the day, the photo that covers the desktop of the computer, also known as wallpaper, is one of the images you see every day. Why not spend a few minutes customising it? Just be sure not skimp on quality.

Where to download wallpapers in 4K?

As we mentioned before, there are a range of web portals to download HD wallpapers. Here we present our Top 3:

Wall Paper Up

Wall Paper Up is a really nice site with impressive photos. Its minimalist design offers a welcome reprieve from the bombardment of advertisements, unlike other download portals.

Its specialty is HD and 4K wallpapers. You can filter the search by keywords, in the upper-right bar. There is also a wide choice of filters by themes accessible from the All Categories tab, where options such as comics, series, architecture, humor, sunsets, or places around the world are displayed.


Best-Wallpaper is one of the best wallpaper sites. It's very intuitive to use and has almost thirty classifications by subject. This makes it easy to find interesting images!

In addition, this page allows users to rate images so that it is possible to filter the search to obtain the best qualified wallpapers.


WallHaven is one of the platforms with the greatest variety of images and photos to download in wallpaper format. It stands out among its competitors because it offers quality files up to 5K.

To start browsing through its infinite number of proposals, click on the Latest buttons to see the latest images uploaded, or Random to access the database. Once inside, you have the possibility of searching for a wallpaper by typing a keyword in the Search bar or filtering content by theme, resolution, and more.

How to download the wallpapers?

Although each web portal has a different design, almost all work under the same principles. That's why we suggest three general steps to download a new HD wallpaper.

  • If you have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for, type a keyword in the search bar. Otherwise, activate the filters by categories to check the galleries.
  • Once the desired image is found, click to open it in full screen. If the option exists, select the desired image size. For high resolution monitors we recommend choosing the highest resolution images and if possible 4K, 5K, or HD formats. If you have no option to choose format, simply verify that it is a wallpaper with a high resolution.
  • When you have opened the image, right-click on it and select save image. The file will be downloaded and saved on the computer, either in Downloads, on the Desktop or in another folder that has been selected.

How to set the new downloaded wallpaper on your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone?

From the computer desktop, click with the right mouse button. In the menu that is displayed, select Set wallpaper, for PC, or Change wallpaper for Mac. A window will open where you can see the current image that covers the desktop as well as the option to modify it. On your Android or iOS device, you can go to the photo gallery, locate the picture you'd like to set as a wallpaper, open it and select Set as wallpaper.

At this time you can upload the newly downloaded high-resolution wallpaper and also configure the appearance settings. Once this last step is completed, the computer will display a crisp, new wallpaper.

Do you need more help with setting up your wallpaper? Check out our forum!
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