How to force quit on Mac?

How to force quit on Mac?

Sometimes you might need to force quit software if it's frozen or slowing your computer down. The Ctrl + Alt + Del combination is specific to the PC (Windows operating system). This command runs by pressing three keys simultaneously and stops any running software immediately. Below you will find the Mac version of this useful command so read on.

What is the equivalent to Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Mac OS?

You can trigger the same actions on Mac OS with the below key combination:

  • Command (apple) + Alt + ESC

What does the combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete do?

  • MS-DOS - Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the system (reboot).
  • Windows (regardless of the version) - Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open a dialog box (the Task Manager) that allows you to stop any software.
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