How to disable iCloud: photos, back up, on iPhone, on Mac

How to disable iCloud: photos, back up, on iPhone, on Mac

To disable iCloud access on your device you will have to log out of the cloud, which means you will no longer be able to access your stored files. This article will show you how to disabled iCloud back ups on your iPhone and Mac, and how to disable iCloud photo back ups.

Before you get started, we recommend that you make a backup of your content beforehand. Any content you have stored on the cloud will not be completely lost once you don't delete your account, you will still be able to access it again when you restart your session, but it is worth having a copy just in case.

How to disable iCloud photo backup? 

If you want to turn off the iCloud photo back up, follow these steps:

  • On your Mac or iPhone, go into System Preferences

  • Then go to iCloud
  • Then go to Photos and then Options
  • From here, you can unselect iCloud Photos and your photos will no longer be backed up to iCloud. 

How to disable iCloud on iPhone?

To disable iCloud access from your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu and click on your name.
  • The Apple ID screen will open, scroll down, and select Sign out.
  • Enter your password and confirm Disable.
  • You can then select the files and information you would like to save on your device and confirm that you are logged out.
  • Select Sign out one last time to confirm deactivation.

How to disable iCloud on Mac?

To disable iCloud access from your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Start menu on the block.
  • Select System Preferences.
  • Click Apple ID.
  • In the new screen, a side menu appears on the left, look for the Summary or Overview option (in more updated systems it probably has this second nomenclature). Click on it.
  • Select Logout.
  • You will be given the option to select the files you want to save on your Mac, mark them and ,then confirm by clicking Keep a copy.
  • If you want to save specific information, such as Safari passwords, select Save to this Mac.
  • Confirm that you're logged out.

How to disable iCloud on Apple Watch?

If you have an Apple Watch, it’s automatically synced to your iPhone. So take note that if you turn iCloud off your phone, it will close on your watch too.

To disable iCloud on Apple TV:

Go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud > Sign Out.

What does disabling iCloud do?

If you sign out of your iCloud account on your iPhone, you won't be able to sync your smartphone with other Apple add-ons. In addition, iCloud on your phone allows you to enable "Find My iPhone" and also to set up FaceTime and iMessenger, so these too will also be deactivated. However, you can reactivate these last two messaging and calling services with your phone number.

On the Mac, the first thing that will happen is that your information will no longer be automatically recorded, but you will still be able to use the other services normally. Some services, such as the App Store, require you to sign in with your Apple ID, which is your iCloud credentials for downloads. Other apps, such as FaceTime can be used with your phone number on your iPhone. However, as we mentioned earlier, be sure to review the information you want to save on your device before you sign out, such as passwords and usernames.

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