Apple WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, date, keynote, event

Apple WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, date, keynote, event

Apple's yearly WWDC keynote has come and gone. In this article we will take a look at WWDC, explain what it is, and what was revealed at this year's event. We will also highlight the key features of iOS 16, macOS 13, iPadOS 16 and the new MacBook Air.

What is WWDC?

WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference. It is an annually held conference that is used to showcase new software technologies, particularly regarding Apple's main operating systems macOS, iOS and watchOS. While WWDC is mainly about software, Apple often uses the event to tease some hardware plans as well.

When is WWDC?

WWDC is a yearly returning event. The WWDC 2022 date is scheduled between June 6 to June 10. The event will take place in the same virtual format as recent years. There will be some in person participation, however this is limited to selected developers. 

WWDC 2022 schedule

The star of each Worldwide Developers Conference is without a doubt its Keynote, in which CEO Tim Cook and other executives unveil the tech giant's upcoming software innovations. The Keynote will take place on June 6 at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Traditionally, the Keynote is the only part of the conference made accessible to the public. Other important elements of the event, such as the Platforms State of the Union (June 6, 2 PM PDT) and the Apple Design Awards are only available to registered Apple developers.

WWDC 2022 rumors

The main rumors and expected reveals at WWDC 2022 are a new MacBook Air, with a redesign similar that to the 2021 MacBook Pro's and the 2021 iMac's, there are also rumors of an additional Mac. We can expect software updates in the form of iOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, iPadOS 16 and tvOS 16. One last possible reveal is Apple's new AR/VR headset, although this might not be launched until later in the year. 

What was revealed at Apple's WWDC 2022?

Apple previewed severely significant software updates for the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch that will be coming in Fall. Apple announced iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9. They also released a new redesigned MacBook Air and an updated 13 inch MacBook Pro (which will be keeping the Touch Bar). Both of these updated Macs will feature a new M2 chip. 

What's new with the Apple MacBook Air?

  • Apple has finally revealed a redesigned MacBook Air that continues the design language that was started with last years 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pros.
  • The new MacBook Air has been upgraded with the new M2 chip, a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a 1080p HD camera, MagSafe charging and 24GB of unified memory.
  • The new MacBook Air's will also come in 4 different colours: Silver, Starlight, Space Grey and Midnight. 
  • These new models start at $1199 for the entry model with a 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 8GB unified Memory and 256GB SSD. The fully upgraded model costs $2499, and this has a 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 24GB unified memory and 2TB SSD storage.
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What's new in iOS 16?

  • A redesigned Lock Screen: There are new ways to customise your Lock Screen with photos, different fonts, widgets and more. 
  • Multiple Lock Screens: There is the possibility of creating different Lock Screens, with custom backgrounds and styles, and then switching between them, depending on your preferences. 

  • Notifications: You can see notifications on the Lock Screen in a new expanded list view, stacked view or hidden view. Notifications will appear at the bottom of the Lock Screen.

  • Live Activities: One of the new features applies to activities that are happening in real time, for example a sporting event, or a food delivery. You can now track the event from your Lock Screen without unlocking your device. 

  • Focus mode: Focus allows you to personalise which apps you want to receive notifications from. You can silence conversations, focus on your work, set incoming voice calls to your message box. You can have dedicated widgets for each focus mode, with to do lists and meeting notifications. 

  • Sharing photos: You can choose what you share and to who based on the people in the photos and when they were taken. You can share photos automatically when other shared library members are near, for example a shared family photo group, or a friend group. Everyone also has shared permission for editing and deleting photos in the shared library. 

  • Messages: You can edit a recently sent message, or even completely unsend it. You can also recover recently deleted messages, mark conversations as unread so you can go back to them later. There is also the integration of SharePlay where can you send content like movies or songs in Messages. 

  • Other: There are also updates to Maps, CarPlay, Accessibility features, Privacy and Security, and more. 

  • iOS 16 compatibility: iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8, iPhone X (full range), iPhone 11 (full range), iPhone 12 (full range), iPhone 13 (full range). 

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What's new in iPadOS 16?

  • Stage Manager: This is a new way of multitasking and working with multiple overlapping windows. Stage Manager can automatically organise apps and windows, helping you switch between tasks. The app that you are actively working on is displayed in the center, and other apps are arranged on the left-hand side. 
  • External display support: There is now full external display support thanks to the power of the M1 chip. You can have external displays with resolutions up to 6K. This works in collaboration with Stage Manager.
  • Safari: Safari has been updated, with a bigger focus on collaboration, customisation and security. There are new Tab Groups that can be customised with a background image. There is also Shared Tab Groups which allow you to collaborate with friends and instantly see any updates that they make. 
  • Messages: You can collaborate and manage shared content from Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders and Safari. If someone makes changes to a shared file, other users will be able to see the recent updates at the top of thread. This should help when working on a collaborative project. 
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What's new with macOS 13 Ventura?

  • Stage Manager: Like with iPadOS 16, Stage Manager comes to macOS. This feature will allow you move between apps and windows easily and focus on tasks. The window that you are currently working on will appear in the center of your screen with secondary windows moved to the side and background. 
  • Continuity Camera: This brings new video call features to the Mac. You can use your iPhone as a webcam, with your Mac automatically recognising and using the camera from your iPhone when it is nearby. This will also allow for Center Stage (camera tracking), Portrait modem, and Studio Light (illuminating the users face whilst dimming the background). You can also use the Ultra Wide camera on your iPhone to enable Desk View. 
  • FaceTime: The Handoff feature comes to Mac. This allows you to start a FaceTime call on one device, for example your iPhone, and then transfer it across to another device, for example your Mac, seamlessly. 
  • Mail updates: There is an improved search feature gives better results and allows users to find recent emails, contacts, documents, photos and more in the search bar even before typing. 
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What's new with watchOS 9?

  • Watch faces: You can personalise your Apple Watch with four new faces: Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan and Astronomy. Each with its own unique style. There are also enhanced visuals for older watch faces. 
  • Fitness: There are new running metrics, heart rate zone tracking, and Multisport workouts which allow you to switch between activities. This is particularly useful for triathletes who switch between swimming, biking and running. 
  • Health: Sleep Stages have been added to the Sleep app, and there are notifications within the Medications app for keeping on track of your medication. You will also be given warnings about dangerous combinations, for example if you are not allowed to consume alcohol after a specific medicine. 
  • Calendar: The Calendar app has been redesigned. You can create new events directly from your Apple Watch. There is also a Week view, alongside Day and Month views. 
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