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Clonezilla is a backup utility designed by the eponymous developer. It allows backing up the computer system on a partition of the hard drive or on a bootable disc.

Key Features

Backup: Clonezilla allows copying the computer system so as to obtain a backup. This backup file can be stored whether on a predefined partition of the PC's hard drive or on a bootable CD and can be restored later if needed.

Compatibility: the advantage with this software is the fact that it supports almost all file systems formats such as ext2, ext4, NTFs of Windows or HFS+ of Mac and over more.

Multicast mode: Clonezilla offers the ability to backup and restore a set of computers connected to a local network. Thanks to this option, the network administrator does not need to deal with each machine one by one but all at once.


Clonezilla is compatible with almost all popular operating systems and platforms.
It offers a MS DOS like interface that makes it much more comprehensible and easier-to-use.


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Really love Clonezilla (which I have been using for many years) However, I strongly recommend the control-c business regarding the nagging update message. Thanks.
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It saves time.
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