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Want to hide imperfections on your face in order to give good impression to your photos ? Portrait Professional is the right tool for that.

Key features:

  • Photo balance : while using Portrait Professional, users can make adjustment concerning photo brightness in order to avoid oily skin aspect on the face. That way, the photos will appear as a natural one as the face light stays matt.
  • Perfection : this software can hide imperfections on the photos by changing wrinkles, masking acnes that may put the users in an embarrassing situation. Consequently, there is no need to worry about putting too much make up on the face before picture taking.
  • Color : Some arrangements concerning the colors especially the eyes and lips are possible while using this software. Also, the hair thickness can be changed depending on the situation.
  • Face lift : the taken photos can be modified at the face level. The face shape can become well balanced concerning the chin, the chicks, the nose, and the eyes.
  • Easy : children can have access to the Portrait Professional. So, they can have their own mode which runs automatically and that will not damage the software.

Note: This is a limited time trial version


  • A shareware that will show perfect photos after some adjustments
  • Reduce time spent on taking many photos and making some corrections over and over again.



Alternative spelling: PortraitProTrialSetup64-17.0.exe, PortraitProTrialSetup64.exe

Latest update on April 6, 2018 at 05:10 AM.

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