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DxO FilmPack is an image editing tool that accurately simulates photographic film renderings. Developed and improved over the years by the prestigious DxO company, this program amazingly reproduces analog films' colors and grain, lets you adjust many settings, and empowers you to create bluffing photos and images.

What is DxO FilmPack?

DxO FilmPack offers to rediscover the history of analog photography through 84 high-fidelity film renderings, including classics from Kodak, Fuji, and Polaroid. In addition, you can also modify many settings like tones, contrasts, saturation, or any of the fundamental properties of digital photography. Since its release, it has been praised by many specialized critics, helping it keep improving its features throughout the years. It is part of the very successful DxO tool suite, including DxO PureRAW and DxO ViewPoint.

What are the key features of DxO FilmPack?

  • Time machine: You can give your photos the special look and grain of specific historical eras using different kinds of film, but also browse and add epoch-making images to authentically infuse your composition.
  • Color and black-and-white: You can use brand-new rendering techniques to give your images a deep and captivating look. For example, you can mimic iconic models' very peculiar rendering appearances like EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR (KODAK's famous infrared-sensitive reversal film) or the pastel sepia look of Polaroid 600.
  • High-precision rendering: DxO FilmPack empowers you to reproduce the appearance, color, and grain of multiple analog photographic films with high quality and accuracy. Supporting a wide range of cameras, it also comes with the characteristics and descriptions of each of them. For example, you can find colors, sepias, or black and white films, such as Kodak T-Max™ 400, Polaroid™ 664, or Fuji Neopan Acros™ 100. In addition, you can consult all the types of films and discover all the possibilities.
  • Film effects: Thanks to all the cinema presets, you can create movie-like photos enhanced by the most significant tendencies in color grading. Give your photos a unique look, and apply effects inspired by Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, and many more.
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  • Optimized workflow: It features an elegant and simple interface from which you can tweak many parameters to modify settings like light and color. Also, it is available as a standalone application, but you can bring its power to the next level and use it in other applications such as Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, or Capture One.
  • Lens correction: DxO FilmPack includes tools that help to correct lens defects, such as distortion, chromatic aberrations, or sharpness.
  • Compatible with RAW: DxO FilmPack is compatible with RAW files, allowing you to work with high-quality images without considering the quality loss during the process.

How to install and use DxO FilmPack?

We list here the basic steps of the editing process, but you can also perform many other modifications and adjustments on your photos.

  1. Once installed and launched, you can select one of the trial versions or log in directly with your activation code if you have already purchased a license.
  2. From the main interface, select the image you want to start editing from the top three-line menu and click Open File.
  3. Once opened, you can start adjusting all your settings and apply filters and effects from the left panel.
  4. In addition, you can adjust various elements such as contrast, brightness, color, and more in the adjustments tab.
  5. Once done, click "Save Image As..." from the top three-line menu to confirm your changes, and you are done!
  6. If you want to ask a question, you can join the DXO forum.

Is it free?

It is available as a 31-days trial version, but you can purchase the paid version for unlimited use.

Is it safe?

DxO FilmPack is a safe solution you can use with peace of mind. Still, download it from a trusted provider, like the one we provide you at the top of this page.

What are the best alternatives to DxO FilmPack?

  • PhotoFiltre Studio X: It is an intuitive photo retouching program where you can improve or give an artistic look to your digital images.
  • GIMP: It is a very popular free and open-source image editor that integrates several tools and editing options. It has been here for decades and is still widely used.
  • PhotoScape X: It is also a free and easy-to-use solution that integrates various editing tools and image effects.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is the complete solution regarding photo editing. Built to get professional-grade results, it provides an extensive catalog of features.
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