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Linux - English
qBittorrent is a software designed to download files through Internet. It was developed by volunteers and provides almost the same features as uTorrent.

Key features

Download: The main function of qBittorrent is to download files on Internet. It displays the progression of the transferred file on its main interface. It has a control panel to cancel or to pause a download and resume it later. Management: this option allows the user to regulate each transfer as necessary. Indeed, he can assign a large bandwidth to a specific file. This action aims to speed up the transfer of this one. Search: qBittorrent allows to research files on a remote server. It offers an integrated search option with indexation to perform this task. For that, the user only has to enter the keywords related to the desired file and start the prospection. Filtering: with qBittorrent, it is also possible to restrict access to data on a server or a client. This option allows the user to filter the IP address that can access his user data.


The download of qBittorrent is free.
This software is available in 25 languages.
It supports researching files in batch.


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Alternative spelling: qbittorrent-2.9.5.tar.gz, qbittorrent.tar.gz
Latest update on February 9, 2015 at 04:04 AM.
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