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They Bleed Pixels for PC

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They Bleed Pixels for PC
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They Bleed Pixels shines brightly with its brutal but fine-tuned gameplay, its controls will make you feel like your gamepad is the direct extension of your body.

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Wednesday October 6, 2021
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December 2, 2021

They Bleed Pixels is a beat’em up platform game developed by Spooky Squid Games and released in 2012. It is a famous difficult game inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft and classic horror culture. You’re a young girl who just arrived at the Lafcadio Academy for Troubled Young Ladies, after finding a mysterious book that will lead you to a nightmarish world you will have to fight demons and zombies while your body is slowly transmuting from girl to clawed demon.

Key features

  • Gameplay: You will have to travel across levels and fight a lot of demons, horrors, and monsters. Your motion and fight skills will be challenged with the very polished controls and one-button mechanics. Stay focused, keep a fast pace, kill’em all

  • Fine-tuned controls: The fine-tuned one-button attack system favors skilled combat, really precise platforming controls will let you perfectly control and feel your character’s movement.

  • A rich and generous level experience: They Bleed Pixels offers you 7 massive levels, each of them has a unique visual and audio atmosphere and awaits you to fight through and explore. Go further and unlock all the additional guest and bonus levels

  • Adapt the difficulty: You can choose between Standard and Novice to match your skill level and enjoy the game the way you like it.

  • A unique checkpoint rewards system: Fancy kills make you earn save spots you can drop right away to save your progress or keep it to get extra points.

  • Lots of challenges and achievements: They Bleed Pixels has individual-level rankings, 150 achievements based on your skills, and lots of beautiful artworks and illustrations to be unlocked.

  • Compete with other players: You can playback, record, and share your playthroughs with online leaderboards comparing speed and high score.

  • Amazing graphics and soundtracks: Enjoy rich environments composed of a mix of pixel art, ink textures, and a really cool soundtrack composed with unconventional instruments and gadgets.

Is They Bleed Pixels free?

They Bleed Pixels is not free, it costs $9.99.

Other alternatives

If you like platform game with fine tuned controls you should also try Super Meat Boy, or the beautiful and metaphorical Celeste.

System requirements


  • OS: Windows XP sp 3 or later.

  • Processor:CPU 1.7GHz or Faster

  • Memory: 512 MB RAM

  • Graphics: Recent Intel HD graphics

  • Hard Drive: 250 MB

  • Controller Support: Any SDL 2.0 compatible controller (DirectInput/Xinput) including the Xbox 360 Controller.


  • OS: Windows XP sp 3 or later.

  • Processor:CPU 1.2GHz or Faster

  • Memory: 512 MB RAM

  • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+, 2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable

  • Hard Drive: 250 MB

  • Controller Support: Any SDL 2.0 compatible controller (DirectInput/Xinput) including the Xbox 360 Controller.

Other platforms

They Bleed Pixels is also available on macOS and Linux.

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