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  • Developer GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Version 2.2.4
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

AORUS ENGINE is the solution you want to use if you have a Gigabyte graphic card, as it empowers you to tweak both performance and appearance settings related to your device. Get the most out of your Gigabyte graphics card, and give AORUS ENGINE a try.


AORUS ENGINE is a freeware developed by GIGA-BYTE Technology for Windows and stands as a utility for Gigabyte graphics cards. Featuring a handy interface, it allows you to tweak and save profiles for appearance and performance settings.

What are the key features of AORUS ENGINE?

  • Interface: The overall interface is pretty modern and well-designed. You quickly figure out how to tweak the different settings, making it easy to use for everyone.
  • Overclocking: Unleash the full power of your graphic card and improve its performance by increasing the GPU clock speed.
  • Temperature and fans: You can monitor in real-time your graphic card temperature and set the speed of the fans. In addition, several speed modes are available, including Auto, Customized, and Manual.
  • Performance monitoring: You can also monitor the performance and view the GPU usage in real-time composed of GPU clock, Memory Clock, and GPU Voltage.
  • LED lighting control: Your device LEDs can be pimped in different ways and apply custom lighting effects (static, gradient, pulse, flash, tricolor, wave, etc.), adjusting the color and brightness.
  • Profiles: You may want to set different settings depending on the way you use your graphic cards (video game, day-to-day, etc.). Luckily, you just need to build different profiles once, save them, and then apply them whenever possible.

How to use AORUS ENGINE?

  1. You can access the different sections of AORUS ENGINE from the wheel located at the bottom right of the interface.
  2. You can access the profile section, tweak the different parameters (GPU boost, Memory Clock, Voltage, etc.) and save your profile. Also, you can apply any profile you have already saved.
  3. From the LED interface, you can adjust the speed, brightness, and effects. Here also, you can save and apply different profiles.


Yes,  AORUS ENGINE is free to use.


Yes, AORUS ENGINE is safe to use.

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