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  • Developer Oliver Schneider
  • Version 1.1.2
  • License Open Source
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It's a useful program that allows users to find out which files and folders take up too much space on their computer systems to get rid of the heavy files and improve the performance of their PC.

What are the key features of WinDirStat?

  • Display: The main function of WinDirStat is to allow users to view files/folders that occupy too much space on the HDD. What is interesting is its ability to see the size of each directory in the disk. To go further, it can display the space occupied by the file type such as mp3, zip, avi, etc.
  • Treemap: To better illustrate the spaces used, WinDirStat displays the size of a file or directory on a treemap. It is a simple card that allows the user to have a visual view of the size of each data in the hard disk.
  • Convenient: By using this tool, the user will know which file or directory is to be deleted to free up space on the hard drive, which makes it very convenient. In addition, the intuitive interface makes all actions easy to perform.

How does WinDirStat work?

WinDirStat analyzes your computer system and shows you which files take up too much space and should be deleted.

Is WinDirStat free?

WinDirStat is open source software and it is completely free of charge.

Is WinDirStat safe?

It seems that WinDirStat has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. It is virus-free and safe to download.

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